By Rachel Awes on December 3, 2012

~ posters ~
“wake up”
12 X 18
excerpt from book “all i did was listen”
“follow my heart”
13 X 19
excerpt from book “all i did was listen”
are now etsy added w/love 
(please click on pics to see bigger)
(+ wanted to also share my delight in kelly rae’s inspiration post today!

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  1. I love your new posters! ‘Wake Up’ speaks to my heart the closest, beautiful x

  2. Most wonderful! You wake up my senses, dear Rachel. Thank you for your gift of words!

  3. Yael says:

    I agree – you should be called Rachel Awesome! Waiting for my book to arrive! 🙂

  4. oh! oh rachel, what a grand idea!
    i LOVE these posters:):):)
    it’s like slicing off a bit
    of blue sky and breeze
    and all that they carry
    to place gently on someone’s wall.
    what a beautiful gift
    that will be.
    alot of walls waiting,

  5. elizabeth says:

    Everything is wonder, astonishment, gift! I love it!

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