pretty peace

By Rachel Awes on April 3, 2010

an artist/blogger expressed a wish to see an artsy hippy girl & i thought she would be fun to create. hmmm, it might be fun to name her! (summer, delilah, starshine, morning petal…?).
peace & love. (etsy added with love)

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  1. S. Etole says:

    sweet peace …

  2. I just love your style… it’s so happy. How about naming her Happy?

  3. Kolleen says:

    rainbow sparkle

    love her….
    peace to you and yours!

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love your pretty hippie chickie ! She makes me happy !

  5. ELK says:

    the boots .. the flowers in her hair … far out ;))))

  6. She’s definitely a flower child. She’s beautiful and makes me smile! I love the way you did the flowers in her hair.

    ~ Lindy

  7. chrissy says:

    sister rachel…how groovy is your lady?
    those blooms in her hair are like far out man.
    her boots really light my fire.
    im beggin for a skirt like hers, its psychedelicallly delish!!!
    im so out there with you…paintin pretty peace an all…
    your little artsy hippy girl is like outta sight. way to sock it to us again awes!
    i gotta blow this scene now!
    later dude!

  8. sherilee says:

    Great girl! I want a skirt just like that!

  9. Express says:

    Love her!! I have had your blog bookmarked for a while now, I just love how you express yourself!! Thanks for the affirmation and comment you left on my blog!!

  10. lindy says:

    I love her! Love the hair and her outfit! I always love your happy colors. Makes me smile!

  11. Megan Coyle says:

    Such a fun hippy girl – I like the flowers and colors you used for her clothing. And those peace signs in the background are pretty fantastic too.

  12. Lori says:

    I am loving her boots and the plant in her hands! Your art is so filled with love and joy!

  13. kendalee says:

    Who can resist a girl who wears flowers in her hair? Gorgeous!

  14. love her boots and that she has flowers blooming in her heart 🙂 what a fun and inspiring piece! xoxo, juliette

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think Hippy Girl or Pretty Peace would do for names! Love your stuff Rachel, it makes me smile!

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