second book: releasing just two, 2014 calendars, with a sneak peek.

By Rachel Awes on December 2, 2013

my second book is on it’s way, called diving in



my plan is to self-publish + release this book spring, 2014, unless a publisher says ho ho ho! + picks it up beforehand. either way, the pages are merrily traveling on their way to you with LOVE.

i am supremely grateful for endorsements from SARK, raphael cushnir, + brian andreas, + to each of you for continually supporting + inspiring me with the beauty of your beings.

in the meantime, i’m adding just two, 2014 wall calendars to my shop, with a sneak peek of a few of the images xox!

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  1. Cheering you on…happy dancing!….and praying for some ho! ho! ho!
    But either way, your calendar and books and prints and cards and shirts and mugs
    are full up with life and love and sweet goodness
    and I’m glad for every beam of light they bring.
    Love and joy and twinkle to you,

  2. christy says:

    yipppee yay YAHOOO!!!
    you go girl!


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