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By Rachel Awes on July 18, 2016


(Wearing Gudrun Sjoden clothing, speaking at #BraveGirlSymposium)

It is a DREAM to become an “Ambassador” for Gudrun Sjoden. Here’s the story. I encountered this amazing store while in SOHO, NYC in June and fell in mad love with both the clothing and the staff. What this means is you will be seeing me wearing their gorgeous Swedish designs much more! I am THRILLED. Here is the deeps… 10ish years ago I began drawing pictures of girls in colorful clothes. Then I began to become them (or they me…both directions I think). Then this clothing line appears that looks like it’s leaping off my life’s pages, and I’m asked to share their clothing line. Here’s the thing – this is all an authentic flow. Every bit of this evolution has been about following where love is showing up and deep joy residing and then full-heartedly saying YES. Friends, what is knocking on the door of YOUR heart? Where are the whispers of love and joy for you to follow? There is LIFE down this lane. I WISH this for you – YOUR JOY and DEEP RUNNING RIVER LOVE, flowing and growing. So much love to you. Over and over, so much love. XOXO

And, hope to see all St. Paul, MN locals tonight, Monday at Wet Paint! See more here: WET PAINT (Sharing art prompts from my newly released book: The Great Green Okayness) ♥

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