She Is Fierce

By Rachel Awes on May 8, 2017

This is a commissioned piece, from my dear Great Green Okayness publisher & friend, Amy, as a gift to her sister:

She said her sister’s water broke at 26 weeks and she was airlifted to a hospital. Thankfully, she continues to carry her precious baby and everyone is healthy and ok! Amy was certain, amid the vulnerability, of her sister and niece’s great strength, and wanted to gift her with this fierce and loving message.

It was a great gift to me, in turn, to make this and hand her off to Amy (dressed in Gudrun Sjoden, of course!) ♥

So thankful for this dear soul, who I also call “Bluebird”, because she has a beautiful singing voice, has sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow bluebirds fly…” in my home, and I just love her! (Art below by Ylva Källström-Eklund)

Thank you, Amy, for allowing me to share your story here and as a print available to all in my:: SHOP

May all be well XOX

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