By Rachel Awes on March 4, 2013

(please click on pic to see bigger)
etsy added with love xox

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  1. Pure sweetness is always what is present on your blog Rachel. I love the girl poking out of the ground with her little flowers in the corner. :))))

  2. denthe says:

    Love this! Simple yet very effective!

  3. so very sweet. i too am waiting for spring 🙂
    xo sandra

  4. Jenny Blair says:

    LOVE that you are the little flower fairy or bumble bee … always present and fluttering wherever there is a little beauty or love to be felt :)xx

  5. Marvelous! At quick glance, I thought the dove was a flower too. But lo and behold! What a fantastic and uplifting design. Wishing you an early spring! xo

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