taking time

By Rachel Awes on January 27, 2014

taking time BLACK UPDATED with color copy 96 copy

i was sick for a patch of time in december. i found myself listening closer to my dreams + noticing images when i’d simply close my eyes. i saw my life, vividly, in these places.

as much as not feeling well is hard on me (+ all of us), i couldn’t miss the invitation to slow down + feel the one life that i’ve been so preciously given. out of this place, i created this piece, shared now with you here + in shop, with all my heart. xox  http://rachelawes.etsy.com

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  1. How lovely, Rachel… you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing.

  2. rachel awes says:

    thankful for you, shirley ann goerlitz,…xox.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    Beautiful Rachel!

  4. rachel awes says:

    thank you, lee ann! xoxo

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