the company of angels

By Rachel Awes on September 29, 2014

i had the great pleasure of being in the company of angels in my home for four days last week. we laughed ourselves silly over + over, made art, had an art sale, shopped at art stores, overall galavanted + had an amazing time. i even got a tattoo! here are a few highlights in pictures:

fantastic four

liv lane lori portka carissa paige + me

me seeing carissa

i was so happy to see them! (photo taken by lori portka)


carissa painted each of us our own custom angels…we swooned at the sight! you can request your own as well! here’s her email!!! just in time for the holidays!!

sale l and l

we opened our space for a few lit-filled hours for beautiful souls to come through + play at our art sale!

new day

later that night, we offered this piece as an instagram exclusive. all four of us made it together. it sold in 8 minutes! thank you angels!  we made four additional pieces this same way, so we could all take one home. (i played this “game” when i was little. taking turns drawing the next thing with my dad until the picture was done + also did so with my own sons. have you too?!) here’s the other four:


dearest one



+ my new burning bush tattoo!


i first saw the film “the ten commandments” when i was about 4 + was mesmerized + that rapt attention has continued for a love of deep encounter. it erupts me into pink leap. this is how much it means to me that ALL of you are here. that you SHOW UP. your lives matter so very, very much.

all shared with my cup running over…love, love i send out to you. xox

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