the art of us/part one of two

By Rachel Awes on November 11, 2010

during a recent art retreat, i sat with each person to listen to what they love.
it was then dreamy to choose something they each said & translate it into art,
as they are, as we all are.
i’ll post them in two parts. here’s the first.


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  1. Onneke says:

    Rachel, beautiful! There is a big autumn storm here at the moment… I can feel all these words and seeing this put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

  2. Diane says:

    It’s so cool how each of our creative process is so different from each other’s– the reason why every one’s art is unique even if it’s the same art that we’re making together–you know what I mean?

  3. i love how different piece is!

  4. S. Etole says:

    the same, yet different …

  5. Lori says:

    OH I LOVE OUR LOVES!!!! They mean so much. Little pieces of our hearts. The time spent with you in the link. The time all of us spent together. I love how you captured US so fully. Totally swooning over here in NY. Love you Rachel.

  6. ELK says:

    love all four created the drawings as always in your signature smile style …

  7. Kim Mailhot says:

    How awesome, Miss Rachel !! Art inspired by love is definitely the best art there is ! Beautiful !!!

  8. Dee says:

    Love them….maybe I will listen when I am doing my waiting room sitting and add to my doodles some interesting dialogue.

  9. Eden says:

    Rachel, these are PRECIOUS!! I can best relate to the first one and that last one is one that I love to snuggle inside with a hot chocolate, a fire, loved ones and that wonderful feeling of riding out the storm.
    Your art is just BeAuTiFuL

  10. Nancy says:

    How special it must have been to sit with the girls and for them to express in their loves with you and then translate into art…I love yours and your art just makes me smile…..

  11. Kolleen says:

    sweet sweet LOVE!!!
    i love how different and perfectly captured!!!

    and i am so in love with monday’s manuscript baking…i couldn’t leave a comment for some reason. “our delicious deeps”…..oh my!!!!!!!!!!!! swooning!

    loving you friend

  12. brings me right back.

  13. Julia says:

    You are pure love.

    I adore you & your precious art.

  14. I’m always a little sad when storms are over…

  15. I love storms, especially really big ones! I love your art too! ♥

  16. Oh goodness, this is the perfect, intimate, cherished gift for beautiful friends. To have your words translated into color and line and immortalized by you, a treasured connection.

    I love scrolling through your works. It’s nice to stop and reflect on a thought or a quote for a change, instead of hurrying through life and letting things flow in and then rapidly out. You give everything such freshness and innocence. You make us all teachable.

  17. wanda miller says:

    well now…this explains everything…how you are, who you are, how ya’ do it…how ya’ don’t! my fav is your saying, “just the possibility of it”…your like a wind up bunny, only better, artistic, fertile thoughts for all of us, and a fabulous sense of humor!! xoxo

  18. Lisa says:

    This is great, Rachel!~I have a suggestion…Would you be open to asking people to submit sayings of their own/reflections, and choose one or more to “translate into Art”?

    Just thought it would be fun if you put out a call here, for people to send you their words through e-mail or the comment section, and for you to choose one or more that spoke to you?

  19. Tammie Lee says:

    how wonderful that you thought to ask this question
    how wonderful that you listened to the answers
    your art is lovely and precious as can be~

  20. I’m not sure which one is my favorite, love em all. You’re a good listener Rachel and an amazing artist. 🙂

  21. aimee says:

    i treasure all of these pieces, but especially the first, because you are such a good listener. i barely remember saying that, yet it nails everything i feel about the role of art in my life. thank you so much, rachel – i’ll be linking later today ♥

  22. and I love what you do!
    each phrase and sentiment is delightful…

    have a great day…love your avatar photo btw…your blowing hair and genuine smile look amazing!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  23. leonie.wise says:

    darling, these are stunning.
    love, love, love your work
    and the beauty you are, that clearly shows in your creations

  24. lori vliegen says:

    you have so many beautiful gifts…..but there are few who have a true gift of listening……you are a beautiful listener, you beautiful artist, you….xox, :))

  25. Janet says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog because it brought me here to yours. Your art is fantastic! I love how with just a few simple lines you create a complete picture that conveys feeling and thought. It’s just amazing!

  26. gypsysticks says:

    how lovely to take others’ snippets of wisdom and turn them into something
    so beautiful…
    as usual your art fills me with peace and serenity
    love to you…

  27. Thank you for visiting my blog! So nice to have you.
    I am enjoying this wonderful art of yours.. the art of taking others feelings and using them to convey…
    It is unique for sure..
    You are very special I can see that!
    ♥ Darlene

  28. thanks for stopping by my blog. as soon as i went to your blog i remembered you from artful blogging. how cool is that? love the idea of psychology and art together. my son is majoring in psychology and maybe thinking art therapy.

  29. You are such a source of inspiration and encouragement. You say things that get me through the week. It’s so powerful. Great energy you share with all of us. Thanks so very much my friend.

  30. naomi orana says:

    … and you really did listen!
    Very powerful

  31. wanda miller says:

    thank you miss positivity!!! xoxox i love coming over here again and again!

  32. Jack Foster says:

    Wow Rachel!….You have a very cool and free style! I like it!… and the colors you use are perfect. Glad I stopped by!

  33. You are so amazing, my love. How you listen to the deepest whispers of others and turn them into gold. You captured us all so perfectly, heard things we didn’t even know we said or felt. It’s like staring in the mirror and being delightfully surprised by the reflection. What a gift.

  34. Carissa says:

    sweet sweet love! i’m melting!!! melting!! can i second and third what everyone has said above?? and then add a kiss and hug! i adore you so, and am so grateful for our everything. woohoo!!!! i LOVE everyone’s bits of gold sewn into colorful life by you. we are so blessed 🙂

    la-la-love you!!

  35. Whosyergurl says:

    I love your storms art! I love storms, too. I call it “witchy weather” and claim to be a witch cause I love when the sky goes dark and the clouds gather and the winds blow! I once sat on Tybee Island when Huricane Erin was blowing in. Winds 65 mph. About to blow my hair off. It was fabulous.
    XO, Cheryl

  36. chrissy says:

    the best flavors at the yogurt counter.
    for sure.
    in two parts that is.
    you are a beautiful soul.

  37. Rachel, your poetry combined with your drawings/paintings is something to behold. I’ve been looking at many of your images, and I’m just blown away by them. It’s so unique and there’s a feeling of complete authenticity coming from you. I’m amazed. One of my faves is the one about stepping into my life . . it’s so pretty in here — I adore that.

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