the beauty & gift of yes

By Rachel Awes on January 15, 2010

i was at a wedding recently & was reminded of the beauty & gift in saying “yes”.

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  1. the tree ………. you have given and received much beauty in saying yes , branching out together with the one you love : )

  2. Lisa says:

    Amazing collage – the real, the created — I want to say yes to it all. Here’s to committment to that Yes that burns inside us all.

  3. Lorraine says:

    morning Rachel ..yes is such a good word..saying yes to all the positive in the world and within ourselves..thanks for visiting my blog today

  4. redorgrayart says:

    this is a lovely piece…your space is so encouraging and I will visit again….elk

  5. I love this collage because it is so simple in its message yet it carries such a punch because of your choice of images and the tactile elements! Great blog and thanks for dropping by mine and your heart-warming comments :)!

  6. Kim Smith says:

    your whole blog is beautiful. wow. [:

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