the really nice giant lady

By Rachel Awes on June 11, 2012

(just a lil’ bit of fun)
“please join me at the top of the hill because the really nice giant lady is giving out cookies”

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  1. you tickle me
    in bright vivid color:)
    (i hope they’re chocolate chip!)
    happy hill hiking,

  2. kelly barton says:

    smiling over here in the middle of the corn. so happy that i have this little spot to visit, breathe a bit deeper and know that i am where i need to be.

  3. Love everything about this one. Like everything is going to the to core of love and oneness. So nice! Hope your having a great time!

  4. Nice giant lady? Free cookies? I’d go! I love your sense of fun.
    Catherine Denton

  5. christy says:

    oh this is fantastic!!!
    not only is the uphill worth the work (cookies, loving lady!!) but the journey (path) is a rainbow of FUN!!

  6. Clare says:

    Following the path up the hill – to sit awhile under the tree – (and free cookies) what a treat

  7. Isabel says:

    Im there!!! Love this one tooo!!!!:O) I agree with Clare:O)

  8. elizabeth says:

    There’s a lovely hill walk I do here often. I wish there was a nice giant lady handing out cookies at the top of mine!

  9. wanda miller says:

    YOUUUUUUUUU are going to be on one of my cupboard doors one day..(not meaning your art) but your heart, that you share with us.
    this delights me to no end…yep no end…i am skipping off to work, not feeling my 60 some years and playing with my afterschool kids! xoxoxo

  10. Trish says:

    I love cookies! xxx

  11. Dee says:

    And we would not need to feel any guilt eating the giant ladies cookies because of all the exercise going up the hill. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Kim Mailhot says:

    I would join you anywhere ! Cookies from a Giant are just an added bonus ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Happy Monday !

  13. Yael says:

    You think she would bent down for me Rachel?:-)

  14. Jess says:

    I like the nice giant cookie lady!:)
    Jess xx

  15. Piarom says:

    you always make me giggle :)))) soo cute and sure I will climb the hill to get one of the yummy cookies too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. you are so funny, i will join youuuuuuuu!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Relyn says:

    Your art always makes me smile and giggle.

  18. Hi Rachel! I found you because you started following me on Twitter and I’m so glad you did! I’ve only looked a little but I love your lighthearted heART! Off to explore some more! Pearle

  19. nelleke says:

    mmmmmm, cookies and I also like the tree ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. oh she knows how to win friends… giving out cookies!

  21. Eh, eh so much fun !

  22. aimee says:

    i’ll take one :))

  23. she really is a nice giant. your doodles are really awesome, i can’t wait to see more of it. thanks!

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