things i wonder

By Rachel Awes on October 3, 2011

i saw this while running recently. it wasn’t all the way light out & i almost ran into this cocoon. i saw myself in it, my bravest self, right away. how is it such little creatures can be such big teachers? sending out love to all your becomings xox

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  1. Diane says:

    How right you are, and what amazes me is what they they become.

  2. What you just experienced is the perfect example of why paying attention is important. Thanks for sharing your special moment.

  3. kristen says:

    yes, i believe it is happening right now. xokp

  4. aimee says:

    hi, dear — oh, that is a fascinating question! yes, i see it happening to you too. miss you. xo

  5. yes, your bright wings
    grow stronger
    and more vivid
    out here in the open
    and it’s a beauty
    and a wonder
    to behold:)
    (I love the things you wonder)
    And you….I love you.

  6. Kim Mailhot says:

    becoming in the wide open definitely takes a little more courage but the light in us can fear and do it anyway, I think.

    Love and light to you, Beautiful Being.

  7. Tracey says:

    Bravo to you for pausing and taking in the moment. 🙂

  8. I soooooooo love the way your beautiful mind works Rachel and I love those teeny tiny moments of self awareness that are on offer to us every day when we take the time to look ♥

  9. Tammie says:

    such lovely insight you had, how wonderful and now it is ours because of your generous heart.

  10. How lovely, Rachel! It is so often the little things that make us stop in our tracks and teach us things.

  11. Lisa says:

    I just love that little cocoon hanging there safe and warm ready to be bumped into and burst open. So glad you found it!

  12. Ces says:

    Good morning! Oh yes, SuperGlue, I think, may do it? Hehehe. Okay, just kidding. As long as there is no typhoon to blow away the cocoon…

  13. Oh I can just feel the wonderful moment of becoming and popping out of that cocoon in glorious freedom! Wow! Gives me goose bumps. What a wonderful word picture in your art here Rachel. And your beautiful colors after bursting out are so beautiful and you fly with such inspirational glory!

    ♥Lee Ann

  14. Yes a cocoon. That is where I go back to when I need reassurance. Thankyou for sharing this lovely moment 😉
    Jess xx

  15. Trish says:

    I love that.
    There is so much to learn from

  16. Cathy Bueti says:

    So true, thanks for sharing this inspiration! 🙂

  17. wanda miller says:

    my arms are wide open, running to grab and give you a giant hug. thanks for the biggest smile, giggle and warm heart to run off to work with! xoxo

  18. Julia says:

    How I love you, dear Rachel. Your heart speaks right to mine & how thankful I am.

    With warmth & giant hugs,


    P.S: Thank you for continually leaving your love on my blog–it matters so so much.

  19. elizabeth says:

    I wonder that too. I wonder how to create a cocoon of safety around me, so that I feel safe in the wide open.

  20. never stop wondering. there are endless possibilities.

  21. Rachel you are just beautiful. You always say the kindest things. xo sandra

  22. Eydie says:

    you are in the
    WIde O P E N

  23. Jenny Blair says:

    I would so love to see the world through your eyes for just a moment…how beautiful 🙂 hugs to you and your OPENess xx

  24. So great to find you!
    Love the cocoon verse and your little one all curled up out in the open!

  25. This is one of those Rachel posts that hits you right in the heart. How do you do that♥
    Love to you and a Happy Weekend too!

  26. Becoming in the wide open is the best way! Great inspiration to others. One of my life lessons from butterflies is that they don’t just change…you can always change back but they transform into what they were created to be.

    Thanks for sharing! Love your art!!!

  27. Karla Aron says:

    i love this … what a lovely thought and pretty little cocoon…

  28. I just saw this post, and I loooove it!

    I’m trying to become myself out in the open. I’m encountering more obstacles on the inside and the outside than I imagined.

    Keep becoming and creating!

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