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By Rachel Awes on September 1, 2014

i want to introduce you to my new “trumpeteer”, stephanie sharp!

stephanie sharp 10531056_10204374676429245_2081672267_n

i made up the word “trumpeteer” (someone to help me with marketing), after being wildly inspired by a firecracker session with liv lane (you can meet with her too! here: + inspired by reading a post by leonie dawson about working with a team + not trying to do everything on your own (see her post here!:

stephanie will also be sharing her art at my church, olivet congregational, in st. paul, mn, with an opening this sunday, sept. 7, at 11:15/coffee hour (+ art will remain there for two months). all are welcome! stephanie also has an online shop…check her out!

i am deeply thankful for all these people + wanted to share the inspiration + wild goodness. with great love for you all xox

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