waiting to burst

By Rachel Awes on March 1, 2010

our 13 year old said this as he walked in the door from school a few days ago…can you sense it too?

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  1. oh that is just sooo precious!

    i think I can feel it…but it looks pretty and white out there, so I don’t mind the wait! lol
    ciao bella..

  2. ELK says:

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  3. ELK says:

    perfect statement ! so very happy to hold that sun here today!


  4. Kolleen says:

    i love that your 13 year old said that!!! that’s great!!!

    yet another wonderful creation by you!!!

    thank you so much for your prayers for Chelsea…they have arrested someone they believe to be linked but still have not found her. Continued prayers are needed.

    happy monday to you my friend.


  5. Hi Rachel! What a poetic 13 year old you have! Beautiful! Also, I have given you a blog award over on my blog! Check it out and pass it forward: http://bluebicicletta.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/kreative-blogger-award/

    Yay yay!

  6. songsoflight says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks so much for popping over to my blog and voting on the pictures! So nice to find a new blog, your drawings are lovely.

  7. aimee says:

    if this isn’t just the most fabulous thing i’ve seen all day! and that dress – i’ve been looking for one just like it!

  8. ~Valentina~ says:

    Your daughter sounds like a super awesome girl 🙂 Yes, I can smell spring.
    Happy March!

  9. Liv Lane says:

    I adore how she’s swinging/hanging/dancing with the sun! And that bejeweled dress! Or are those all the beautiful pieces that make up the sum of her? LOVE!

  10. chrissy says:

    there is something in me waiting to burst too!
    (last week it was the button on my pants…)
    smart child.
    i love the innocent comments they make.
    my most recent one was this…
    “mom…how do you hotwire a car?”
    i.m thinking you are on a more upstanding track with your dear son than i am at the moment.
    im gonna work on that.
    LOVE your last two pieces.
    how did i miss the cherry tree?
    do you actually HAVE a cherry tree?
    i wonder if k.t. has a cherry tree.
    they.re good for us.

  11. o yes i can smell spring
    on the brim of March —
    especially while biking
    by Seattle cherry blos-
    soms, sums of nose yums,
    & what fun it is to swing
    on your rays of the sun!

    glad we met through blue
    bicicletta’s queen & happy
    you found my “Defy” and
    “White Stone” enjoyable

    conGREATulations on y/our
    Kreative Blogger Award! ; )

    i’m going to share your site
    with my wife & with my sister
    in Paducah, Kentucky.

  12. rachel awes says:

    *carmelina* thank you for your soooooing! 🙂 & bella bella embraces to you!!

    *elk* it’s so good to hear from you and share sun holdings!

    *kolleen* thank you for your steadfast wonderfulling! truly.

    *blue bicicletta* you’ve made my day! yahoo sister!!!

    *songsofflight* sooo lovely to fly back & forth!!

    *aimee* you are pretty fabulous yourself, womaaan!

    *valentina* i love to smell spring air with you, lovely one!

    *liv* i ADORE all your inside gems!

    *chrissy* i laughed out loud about the button on your pants!!! oh, do i relate!! & oh dear about the hotwire! i think you’ve got a live wire!! i don’t have a cherry tree, but wouldn’t that be amazing? here’s to wonders (& friendship!).

    *geoff* i’m so thankful you are passing my site on to your near & dear ones! & yes, conGREATulations to y/our awardment! wishing you continued sums of nose yums!! love your lingo.

  13. Izzy says:

    hurry up and start selling this stuff you silly girl… =)

  14. Lori says:

    Oh is it pleeeeeeese?!!! It is March 1 after all…

  15. S. Etole says:

    lots of happy bubbles in her as she hangs unto the sun …

  16. kendalee says:

    Definitely! No visible signs of Spring here yet (although we did have some sunshine today) but I feel her stirring… yay!

    Every time I see one of your new drawings I think that it’s my favourite, until I see the next one… So now I’ve given up on that and am just going to LOVE them all!

  17. beautiful and cheery! how darling that your 13 year old said this!

  18. Faiza says:

    i can hear spring in the birdsongs on my way to work!

  19. Kimminita says:

    What a wise 13 yo and what a beautiful illustration you made for it.

    Came here through the blof of Faiza and I am happy I did!

  20. Kathianne says:

    I really love this one! And I’m excited to hear that you opened an ETSY shop. I’ve been thinking of doing the same. Was it easy?

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