winds blew

By Rachel Awes on December 13, 2010

(etsy added w/love)

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  1. Cathy Bueti says:

    I love this Rachel!! The image of her and the words! Always inspiring and so true! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Rachel, I love the movement!
    Thanks for your kindness, you always make me smile.:)
    love you,

  3. ELK says:

    oh .. winds are blowing at my place as well..your touches of color are a wonder

  4. Mary says:

    fresh, cleansing, reviving winds…

  5. wanda miller says:

    Oh so sweetly painted right to the point, yet just swaying with that wind..loving the blues (blews) and yous!! xoxo

  6. S. Etole says:

    truly wonderful … truly

  7. Lisa says:

    The essence of this breezes right into my soul. I have the chills. And I know ….

  8. the wanderer says:

    exquisite. this is so “on-time”.
    bless you,

  9. Nancy says:

    What a blessing……..

  10. Lisa says:

    Beautiful. Hope you were warm and cozy this weekend when the snow came down, and the winds blew around!

  11. LOvely jubbly! Your art makes me smile rather big!

  12. This one speaks truth to me – love it –

  13. This is lovely, I wish my hair was that long(O:

  14. The Islander says:

    Rachel, it seems like you understand…thank you for that.

  15. elizabeth says:

    I have a bit of a tear and I know not why. Part of me must know this. Beautiful.

  16. Carissa says:

    Mmmmmm, i LOVE her…
    she’s like, the wind whisperer…
    riding the winds, letting it swoop her
    up from behind, and spiraling her into a new…

    Loooovely love!

  17. chrissy says:

    lovely and
    truth speaking
    smile causing
    beautiful and
    chill inducing
    breezy essences
    truly, wonderfully and so sweetly
    fresh. cleansing. inviting ( i added that one) reviving winds.
    blowing wonder winds.
    always inspiring

    i couldn.t have said it better myself ladies!

    love you mbfinm.

  18. Tammie Lee says:

    ah, the magic of wind…

  19. Jessie says:

    Wonderful work Rachel and I’ve just realised I’ve been missing out on your lovely posts by not being follower! I’ve put that right so I can enjoy the beauty from now on. :)xx

  20. I love coming here Rachel…and getting my dose of relaxing Awes! and oooohs….

    I literally sit here with my hot cocoa and read your posts one after the other….there is so much subtle, yet potent insight to your sentiments…and the drawings are so refreshing and unique!

    thanks for doing what you do…
    I really should tell you that more often…my bad!

    ciao bella!!!!!!

    Creative Carmelina


  21. she looks like a human harp, about to let her song be heard! so lovely!

  22. So sweet…and such a wonderful reminder…especially on the days when one’s confidence does not match one’s ability.

  23. LauraX says:

    oh how the winds are blowing here…revealing secret songs to all who will listen!

  24. feralcompass says:

    She is beautiful. When I know what I know when the wind blows fills me with gratitude.

    Hope your Holidays all filled with grace and love.

  25. Oh, so many gorgeous drawings over here recently (and always!)! I love the trickle of little flowers down this lovely lady’s side!! I also am in LOVE with your peacock!


  26. Oh so magical! Beautiful, gentle, circular motion in this image. And the coloring is just perfect!

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