spirographing: coming spring

By Rachel Awes on February 24, 2014

diving in coming spring

nadeau body under water DLV_RachelAwes34

photo credit: rachel nadeau

oh holy anticipation! looking forward to sharing more with you. i also wonder what you hope for this spring. how would you like to meet her? xox

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  1. oh joy oh joy!!!
    I look SO forward to diving into the pages
    of your freshborn share and the heart it pours from:)
    Happy dancing with and for you,

  2. Congratulations, Rachel! I hope for this Spring to bring lots of sunshine, warmth and renewal.

  3. bella sinclair says:

    WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! Oh my goodness, YAY! Dancing with excitement. This is going to be one fantastic spring! xoxo

  4. rachel awes says:

    i believe you, bella.
    thank you dearly. xoxo

  5. Briana says:

    I am so excited that you are about to birth a new book. I am reeling with anticipation! Congrats to you and thank you for doing all that you do!

  6. rachel awes says:

    thank you so much, briana! your support is deeply meaningful.
    bless your reeling + being. xox

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