A week in San Francisco with SARK

By Rachel Awes on October 9, 2017

The last week of September, brought me out to San Francisco, to stay in my dear friend Susan’s (SARK’s) magic cottage, where she used to live for 4-5 years and wrote her first few books, and has since moved wonderfully upstairs. We were coming together to spend the first part of our days as a writing retreat, followed by joyful friendship adventures:

(She wrote “LOVE” on the wall above my bed to welcome me. Let’s all do this for each other!)

I wrote a her-story about how our friendship was born at this link, if you would like to read more: CLICK HERE ♥

We did get some writing accomplished, and I treasured writing more of my story within the same walls she began writing hers. And we did have some beautiful adventures–saying hello to the ocean, going to a meditative “sound bath” at Grace Cathedral (along with her dear friend Val, who I also LOVE! along with 1,400 other people!), eating amazing tacos, and having soulful conversations. I also had a solo super-freak-out groovy fun field trip to the district of “Haight”, known for rainbows and the birth of hippy culture!

 Midway into the trip, we both came down with fevers, which endured for the remainder of our days together. This meant, no more outings and no more writing! Our encounters abruptly shifted to modern day walkie-talkies (texting) and slumbering and lumbering about. As difficult as this was, our hearts & souls remained open to how we could be further transformed by this unexpected “visitor.” We also decided to plan a shared “BOOST” writing/creative weekend, date to still be announced–where we would reconvene from afar, and invite YOU and anyone who would like, to create along with us on that same weekend, and share your makings on our Facebook BOOST threads.

Shortly before leaving, I received these inspiring pages, one of her many magical books, and was kept the best of company of the airplane, and it (& she) has inspired me to think about ways to nurture my friendships more wildly & fully!

“Our friends can SWOOP IN and attach wings to us, or sit quietly nearby as we pack our bags. Our friends LIFT us up and we can do the same for them.” SARK from the “Fabulous Friendship Festival”

This whole trip, including the sickness, has left me MORE in love with my friends, including the characters I’m writing about, including YOU.

With all my heart and love and soul, always XOXO

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