August Soup

By Rachel Awes on September 4, 2017

Hello dear souls! August’s end, held travels to Deerwood, MN, to speak to 70 dear women about their magnificence (wearing a Gudrun Sjoden fall green “Belem” dress!), to Brainerd, MN, to visit my home (elementary years) town, to the north shore of Lake Superior for a family vacation, and then moving our capable and precious son, Sam, into his new dorm room at the University of Minnesota (College of Science and Engineering). Here is a little glimpse into the soup of it all!

(had fun with these women, learning to decorate cupcakes!)

(can you see the loon, going through the sun’s reflection in the water?!)

…and then came Brainerd: my home and a historical photo of “Ole’s Starlite Club”, a bar my dad owned that had live bands, an old jukebox, and lots of Kiddie Cocktails!

and onward to the north shore of Lake Superior

eclipsing skies

and taking the time to write along the shore

The Bucket
I had been walking along the lakefront all morning, looking for agates. My back becoming crooked, straining, is that one? Picking up a rock, looking more closely, realizing what I thought was orange, was not. Variations on this same narrative, repeating as the sun rose.

During a later lap, was it the third or the tenth, she walked out to me, holding out a clear plastic bucket filled with agates. Not the tiny shards kind of agates. The whole ones. Big. I didn’t know her. She said she wouldn’t be on this earth much longer and wanted me to have them. She smiled, and just as quickly as she came out, she turned around and went back into her cabin.

My gaze fell into the bucket, to all the swirling color- Maybe she was showing me how to do this. How we can all save the world. Walk out our front doors and give each other our agates, our kindness- generously- leaving one another in awe, and our world, just a little bit brighter.

(Imagined story that felt real as I walked yesterday) (Imaginations are sometimes more real than anything) 

dear time spent with family (abe and sam here, 21 & 18)

& especially grateful to spend special time with this guy, before launching him off to college, which he is deeply and wonderfully ready for!


Hope your, now, liminal space between summer and fall, is full of light and new promise. Next week I’ll return to share more about an October offering in Minnesota, and more to come beyond that of another adventure at September’s end. Between it all, I plan to return to writing my next book!

All with love! ♥


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