Tulips await

By Rachel Awes on December 19, 2016

Love & Joy from the Sankta Lucia celebration at Gudrun Sjoden in NYC last week!

SO much fun in the store with colorful women!

I completely fell for “Angel”, this DEARHEART of a model – magical inside & out.

Original painting by Gudrun ~ Swoon!

Special eve out for meditation event in Harlem with Gudrun’s awesome Naheima

Store Ambassadors: Betti Zucker & I, playing around the corner from the store!

These treasured hours overflowed with joy, and it was for all the obvious reasons: adventure, pretty things, a change of glorious scenery. The joy was also most deeply because of the “showing up”: following what lights up my heart, being willing to be seen, and choosing relationships that give mutual and generous loving attention. This work isn’t easy. Getting to a counter top of tulips, involved traveling here from 6am to Midnight because of weather & missed flights, years of listening to what colors truly delight my heart, drawing a bagillion pictures, & paying attention to the music of my soul. I say this to extend great encouragement. Your soul work is worth all your mighty effort. Your life is worth hustling for. Tulips await in the sod of your winter. Come along, dear friends. Dance with me. XXOO

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