freedom of possibility

By Rachel Awes on November 29, 2010

here is a quote
of someone saying what she loves,
now into color,
from last week’s listening offering.
thank you all for sharing your loves.

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  1. Giggles says:

    Me too! Freedom of possibility is wonderful! Fun illustration!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Diane says:

    Now that is a good thing to love, and we’re so lucky to have it!! You always express your messages so well in your wonderful art.

  3. Yael says:

    Having possibilities and being able to choose them freely – yes, this is something to be truly thankful for!

  4. it’s a choice really-to feel the freedom of new things or stay paralyzed in your old stuff. As always my friend, BEAUTIFULLY displayed…

  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    One of my favorite Uncles who is no longer with us used to always say “Imagine the possibility !” in a wonderful grandeoise way. When you keep focused on the good, they are wonderful to imagine!
    Big MOnday Love, Gorgeous Rachel !

  6. Love this post!!! I’m the mother of a teenage girl (eeek!) and I would like to implant this in her brain….that so many good things are possible for all of us.

  7. Eden says:

    Love the way she DANCES!!

  8. Love the color combo, it’s always a mood lifter to stop by and see your happy artwork!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ve entered your name twice for the giveaway!!!


  9. Valerie says:

    The dancing gesture reflects the lovely freedom of possibility. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, so do I!!!!
    Such a bright pair of wings!
    Love you and your wings
    ….they make mine
    feel lighter:)

  11. wanda miller says:

    OH, how could anyone pick a favorite from you…if i did, right now, it would be this one! the colors, the stance, the WHOLE schmear!!! love love love!!! thanks for a brightened monday, miss JOYOUS BEAUTY!!! xoxo

  12. wanda miller says:

    where’s your next teaching gig, on how to REALLY go through life, while TRULY listening…i’ll be in the front row, with tears of joy!!! love to you! xo

  13. Tammie says:

    this makes me smile
    and smile into forever~

  14. Julia says:

    Ohhhhh….she’s so free & full & playful. I love her.

    Thank you for adding color and smiles to my day.


  15. Oh wow. Same.

    Love this – the colours – everything!

  16. S. Etole says:

    And your artwork says it so well …

  17. Kolleen says:


    it made me smile SO big!!

    thank you dear friend of mine


  18. Lisa says:

    Sweet and energetic, a good combo! and my favorite color combo also!

  19. Lisa says:

    I LOVE how you take the Art of Listening to a whole new level, and open me up to possibilities I may never have considered…hope you do something like this again with your blooming group of followers! Thank you, Rachel.

  20. ELK says:

    i am late with thanksgiving blessings.. you mean so much to me in turquoise and red smiles and such color..I am so thankful for you Rachel..

  21. chrissy says:

    that leaping is the bestest of leaps!
    you leaped your way right into my heart dear deer.
    loving you truly.

  22. What happy thoughts, what happy artwork…it’s all so uplifting.

  23. aimee says:

    her leap in the air goes perfectly with the phrase! i love it for this time of year, too – i always have a burst of energy before the year closes and then i settle into a little nest come january.

  24. ~Valentina~ says:

    Love the quote!!! This drawing makes me super happy! 🙂

  25. such a wonderful thought. x

  26. Dee says:

    You art is not only really cool…it teaches.:)

  27. Lori says:

    Oh, I just love it so much. There is so much movement in your artwork. makes me want to dance.

  28. lori vliegen says:

    the freedom of possibility, the freedom of creativity, the freedom of opportunity!!! lovely, colorful, beautiful piece, dear sweet girl!! xox, :))

  29. elizabeth says:

    More possibility! I love this. I need to send a link to my sister. 🙂

  30. This quote, the image and the colors are all exquisite! I’ve missed you, it’s good to be back in blogland!

  31. Your bright colors and free flowing lines make me want to LEAP, just like her!

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