gold stars for “diving in”

gold stars copyREVISED

“diving in by rachel awes is a beautiful extended metaphor of water + swimming + being alive. with each hand lettered page, she swims deeper into the joy of living, leaving behind a trail that’s so clear + easy to follow that it makes you want to dive right in beside her. it made me smile with recognition & remember how easy it is to be in the world when you simply relax + swim in the joy of it all…”
brian andreas ~ artist + writer ~


“swim the swim that is mine to swim. that is the gorgeous benediction that rachel awes shares with us in this shimmering pool of a book. diving in offers even more than the luscious words and images of its author because it is so immersively her, and therefore invites us all to the same depths of self-realization.”
raphael cushnir ~ author of the one thing holding you back ~


“if you ever dreamed of a special message in a bottle washing up just for you, then here it is. rachel awes speaks into your heart and soul through the vulnerability of her own. come alive is the invitation fromdiving in. loveliness shows up when you do. come drink up, as i did, and see the beauty of your life reflected back to you in the breath-taking water of these pages. pure refreshment and magic and love.”
SARK ~ author, artist, succulent wild woman ~