happy mothers day!

By Rachel Awes on May 11, 2015

happy mothers day! no matter who your mother has been, with all that falls out as fabulous + flawed, may you find a peace with knowing you are loved to the last number. no matter if you are a mother or not, + in all these same fabulous-flawed ways within you, please know you are loved to the last number. we need to know this ultimate equation about our true nature, just like it is in our nature to smell the sweet lilacs in spring. just like we need to breathe. because it helps us to go forward. because in knowing this kind of math, we come more fully alive.

(the “last number” quote is from the gorgeous kolleen + her daughter! + print is available here!)

in other news, tomorrow i’ll be speaking about our stunning lives to stunning YMCA people at their “discover inspiration” retreat in st. croix, mn (+ will post highlights here next monday…wish you could all be there too!) AND! if you are in the twin cities + can come by, i’ll be here with my books + art prints: http://www.northrupkingbuilding.com/artawhirl friday, may 15, from 6-9 pm, in the kolman + pryor gallery, room 395, + hope to see you!

+ congratulations to kim preske! the winner of the “it’s this simple” art print giveaway from last week’s blog post!

all my love xox, rachel

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