He restores my soul

By Rachel Awes on August 8, 2016

I painted this piece as a gift to be given, in the form of a poster, to many in an Awes family reunion in July.

rachel awes reunion poster 2016

As witnessed in families, we are all in need of restoration. In the divine mix of love, we also experience grief & loss. There is this yearning we sign on to when we are in relationship. Our hearts stretch, as we reach for those we dearly miss – for those we can’t be near because they live afar off or have passed away. Thus we hold this thing in common: a need for green pasture, quiet water, restoration.

rachel awes and nathan and india

It is an amazing thing to hold all that comes with love. So grateful for these past few days. So grateful to be alongside you on this journey. xox (A supremely sweet moment from our 2016 reunion ♥)

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