i twist my wavy hair

By Rachel Awes on March 14, 2011

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  1. Ces says:

    Aaaawww! This is beautiful, truthful and pure.

  2. Katy says:

    You inspire me every single day!

  3. Oh for twisty, wavy hair:)
    But wait,
    I CAN show up for my very own life!!!
    Reveling in this
    …thanks for the reminder
    all wrapped in sweetness:)
    Funny how when you show up in yours,
    we start showing up in ours,
    and then they shows up in theirs……..
    (love the way you start so
    many waves)

  4. Mary says:

    this is great…i think there were many years i did not show up for my life…at least not fully awake.

  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    Beautiful twisty, curly hair, Lovely One !
    Here’s to showing up !
    Happy Monday !

  6. LauraX says:

    indeed, Rachel…the best reason to celebrate of all…LIFE!

  7. How on earth did you get to be so insightful, sweet, and lovely? I love coming to this space. It ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.

    Have a great week, sweet Rachel!

  8. ELK says:

    oh i adore this .. and you and your hair that dances and shows up..that is what we all should do ..even those of us with straight hair!!

  9. kristen says:

    oh your sentiments get me all choked up with tears of joy. thank you for this gift. xo

  10. aimee says:

    i can’t think of a better reason to get dolled up! here’s to dresses of tresses!

  11. gypsysticks says:

    another pearl of wisdom
    covered in twisty, twirly swirls of loveliness,
    yes, to show up for
    my very own life!
    you make my spirit smile

  12. chrissy says:

    this rings SO true.
    i needed this blessed reminder.
    oh i love you sugar bear deer heart of mine!

  13. Julia says:

    You always get right straight to the essence, Rachel.

    “Showing up for my very own life…”

    This is just what it’s about, isn’t it?

    Your art & your words make me want to break out into song.

    I love you dearly.

  14. S. Etole says:

    a big “YES” to this …

  15. zingo! this is one I will get one day for my curly girl aviv so she can celebrate her crowning glory and her own self everyday. beautiful!

  16. Brooke says:

    Oh, I love this one! This just totally made my day! Something about wearing curls no matter what we are doing!

    Lately, I’ve embraced this more romantic part of me that loves curls, and the other day there was this great image of this proper woman in a novel I am reading, wrestling with her children and animals, with her ringlets flying! Sending love!

  17. Awww…I LOVE this one especially! “Showing up for my own life” and reminding me I deserve the best just for me!

  18. heck yeah! dress up for YOUR LIFE! THAT IS something to celebrate. xoRobin

  19. This should be my mantra for every day! Act like you are the belle of the ball, and you soon shall be. Yay, hooray, I love it!

  20. Kate says:

    Thank you for the sweet reminder!
    just lovely!
    Thank YOU for showing up 🙂

  21. Once again a very uplifting illustration with words that make me smile. You are SO good Rachel!! I love all your work!

  22. wanda miller says:

    OH how i love this, “BRIGHT ONE”! right at first i thought oh ‘i’m going boing’, but then you changed that to something FAR MORE WONDERFUL, WONDER FULL!!! xo

  23. Suz says:

    Oh, i just adore this, Rachel! Such joy!

  24. elizabeth says:

    Dressing up for our own life! I adore this (and always need the reminder).

  25. Rachel!
    This post is beautiful.. and I smiled before reading it! Then as I read it i say.. “Awee so sweet, so lovely from a lovely person as you.

  26. ~Valentina~ says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! ready to dress up right now 🙂

  27. Kerri says:

    oh, you’re art work is awesome!! love it-

  28. Oh how delightful. I love it!! he he he he he he! I wish I had hair that I could curl he he he he! Alas I am bald. This is wonderful.
    Great inspiration you give with each of your illustrations.
    I send you big hugs

  29. dryadart says:

    yep pin straight hair, narry a curl in sight, but I needed a reminder to show up so thank you, thank you!!

  30. koralee says:

    I sooooooo want your hair. xoxoxoxoxo

  31. Kolleen says:

    i dig it!

    and you!


    “DRESS UP FOR YOUR LIFE”…..has a beautiful ring to it!

  32. Lori says:

    AW! this is me too! I just love you!

  33. Suz says:

    Awe Rachel. What a lovely comment on my blog.

    Huge hugs!


  34. Carissa says:

    I fancy you
    and your spiral_y
    goodness ! ! !

    The words “just show up” keep repeating to me over and over these past few days. When I show up to my very own life it is magical. I love this & you & your spirals & life & & & ! ! !


  35. i will remember this when i twist my own curls tomorrow morning…thanks for seeing the bright in the every day and making it shine : )

  36. Tammie says:

    ah, I love this
    we do what we do
    and we are showing up

  37. I love the way you think! You are a brave and confident woman living out her dreams and blessing us all in the process! THANK Y♥U!

    ♥Lee Ann

  38. Here is my entry number 2: I just friended you on Twitter and tweeted about your giveaway.

    ♥Lee Ann

  39. Okay, here is entry #3. I just mentioned your giveaway on my local business facebook page.

    ♥Lee Ann

  40. julie king says:

    so love the concept of “showing up for my very own life”!! you go, girl!

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