imperative: two weeks of daily clothing to match my heart

By Rachel Awes on January 10, 2014

blue rain photo (14)

in order to match clothing with my heart, i need to listen to my heart. this is no small thing, but neither is my heart. it is worth the expansion of my vision. it is worth the awakening. no matter how much this aches + quakes my world. what could be better, really?blue rain LOVE photo (15)

i hand stitched “love” on top. i don’t know a thing about working with thread, but maybe all we need is to allow ourselves to move messily + truthfully out of what feels most real + it will always be good enough.

i hope you find encouragement to also wear what matches your heart.

in addition, if you would like to email me ( a photo of you matching clothing with your heart, please do! also, could you let me know if it’s for my eyes only or if i can share your photo here?! thank you with LOVE. xox

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  1. Ana Karla says:

    Matching your heart is the most amazing thing to do!

  2. Rachel Awes says:

    yesyes xox

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