imperative: two weeks of daily clothing to match my heart

By Rachel Awes on January 13, 2014

pink and blue photo (13)ready for my day/being me.

(hear me read to you about this here under “choosing clothing” )

i hope you find encouragement to also wear what matches your heart.

in addition, if you would like to email me ( a photo of you matching clothing with your heart, please do! also, could you let me know if it’s for my eyes only or if i can share your photo here?! thank you with LOVE. xox

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  1. Rachel i started fashion posts last year called SHINY T TUESDAY that so fit where your heart is in this! After years of low self-esteem, body hatred and bullying self-talk, I got totally hacked off with the voices in my head! They were singing a chant that stopped me playing with personal style or having any fun, it went like this…

    Polishing a turd
    Polishing a turd
    There’s just no point
    Polishing a turd

    The day I truly took this ditty on board was the day I decided to put a stop to it!

    SHINY T TUESDAY was born as I decided to give myself permission to polish…if I was going to call myself a turd then why the hell not be a shiny one! Hence shiny t tuesdy(tongue in cheek!)

    You see I’m not waiting any more for lost weight, lost inches, lost wrinkles, lost ‘myself’ to become the perfect person I feel should be reflecting back when I look in the mirror!

    Shiny T Tuesday gave me permission to polish right now! Right as I am…and it feels wonderful!

    It’s totally changed my world!

    please do feel free to use any of my pictures would be lovely for you to pop over to my place and have a look! I transformed myself this year and the story is only just beginning, i have had an awesome start to the year…i am flying now and cant wait to share it all! to see the fashion -osts just click on AN ARTISTS STYLE badge on the side of the blog xxxxxxx

  2. I love the way
    you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve:)
    It’s one of the things
    about you
    that makes my heart leap and twirl:)
    Thanks for sharing your artful life,

  3. christy says:

    oh i love this idea! a colleague and I have been trying to make MONDAY a FUNDAY by adding a bit of bling to our outfit…perhaps we need to make the whole outfit bling!??! I must pass this along to her….thank you wise rainbow heart wearer!

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