By Rachel Awes on January 6, 2014


print available at 

(you can listen to me talk about it here under “choosing clothing”

everyday for the next two weeks, i will share such an imperative! stay tuned for daily posts of matching clothing with my heart!

might you play with me + share your heart wears?! you could email them to me at + let me know if you’d prefer for me to keep them for my own viewing or share later here as well! all with LOVE. xox

ALSO! for people interested in the twin cities! this friday, january 10, 7pm, my books + framed art + me will be present at a gallery show opening at lynnhurst church 4501 colfax ave. s. mpls, mn ~ hope to see you!

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  1. Your words and art and life and heart
    never cease to inspire
    and delight
    and amaze me, friend.
    Joy and grace to you
    in the journey up ahead,

  2. Rachel Awes says:

    thank you, jennifer, + every word, mirrored back to you as well!

  3. oh Rachel i love this one so much. I am THERE!! i am 50 years old and for the first time in my life, feel the need to change my whole wardrobe. Very little of it feels like ME, or my heart. i may just have to buy this one on Etsy… love your work. THANK YOU for sharing.

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