“in-credible” summer posts!

By Rachel Awes on May 25, 2015

in-credible summer posts! starting today, i will post a page a week from the first 15 pages of my 78-page manuscript “in-credible”, that i wrote + illustrated in 2013. i haven’t pursued publishing it, as other projects seemed to catch my attention more strongly. it was, nevertheless, made for you, + here i will share a sampler. maybe i will publish a short run of “in-credible” at a later point. i am open to your feedback! (you can always write me at rachelawes@gmail.com or find me on facebook!) the timing is good for these posts here, as i am busy creating my next book, which i will publish, + both sons are home for the summer. i hope your heart is lifted + delighted by these pages. i send them to you now with my love to all that is within you. your “in’s” are truly credible. xoxo

(cover image)

in-credible COVER

kelly rae roberts says this about “in-credible”:

“The way Rachel perfectly combines her inspiring + insightful writings about life with her beautifully tender illustrations makes me want to sink into a cozy chair and relish every page. It’s profound. It’s artful. It’s poetic, and most of all it’s deeply meaningful in its truths and storytelling – a treasure for anyone who wishes to find more beauty in their struggles and in their triumphs.”

kelly rae roberts, artist, author, possibilitarian.

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