listening to directions

By Rachel Awes on March 7, 2010

i was taking a walk & fretting about something & saw this stop sign reflection & i realized it was time to shift mind gears. it was really helpful! any particular signs or directions on your block lately? wishing you the loveliest of ones.

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  1. great picture! my boy and i were doing a photo shoot last week and got a great shot of a stop sign stuck in a snowbank, yes to stopping fear, way to call it rachel!

  2. chrissy says:

    im fretting that you were up posting at 3:57 am my dear.
    but oh so happy that you were out taking a walk.
    walks are good.
    i always find that jumping on a trampoline is good too.
    something about the way it jumbles the thoughts in my head and i can hop off it with new perspective.
    in fact,
    i think i need to go jump right now.
    even better that it.s raining!
    happy sunday dear friend…i.ll let you know what i see from the air.

  3. rachel awes says:

    *lisa* how great to stop sign bond with dear you & soren!!! i never stop being amazed by all the huge creativity coming out of your house! & again, loooove your latest posting!!

    *chrissy* i don’t know why, but the blog clock always states the time as two hours earlier than it actually is for me! (5:57 then!)…
    what’s a blogger to do?! & i’ll love to hear what you see from the air! (i’d love to hear what you see in a boat, on the land, from a train, or from a box of sand!). happy sunday to you too, dear friend!

  4. Kimminita says:

    Good things to notice and read the signs given to you. But even better to understand them and act on!

  5. Faiza says:

    something about the sunshine of late is trying to tell me something…haven’t figured it out yet but my heart is open and waiting.

  6. aimee says:

    oh yes… beautiful thought. don’t you love finding messages in ordinary things like that! the city just cut down a huge tree on our block – i’ve lost count of the rings. no idea why they chopped it down, but i’m hoping that it was for a good reason, that it was time for something new to grow.

  7. Kolleen says:

    love this post and i love finding these sweet little messages from the universe that seem to pop up right when we need them as long as we are keen to them and paying attention!!!

    i am on the lookout…yesterday as i was sitting looking out the window…i watched a slew of pelican flying by in what i am certain was a pattern…it was so neat to see that many of them together on some sort of mission…or maybe they were heading to a party…who knows!!! ; )

    one more quick thing….i’m going to have to ask Chrissy how she doesn’t pee her pants when she jumps on that trampoline?!?!? : )

    sending loves to you!

  8. rachel awes says:

    *kimminita* yes! to all those steps! great to hear from you!!

    *faiza* how intriguing about the sunshine! i realize now that i too have had some sunshine connection…i think too some faiza wavelength connection in the sky with rainbows & all!!

    *aimee* hmmm, something new to grow…& also following such a fully developed other life…
    interesting timing after your own house’s recent clearings! i send you awesome new blossom thoughts!

    *kolleen* what a great sighting of the pelican’s flight pattern & mission…ooh, aah, dear one! AND, you totally cracked me up with your last question & i was fortunate i didn’t pee my pants because of laughing!

  9. I Am Write says:

    I love this deep processing and your ability to completely switch gears. The sign on my block says “Stop A head”. I wonder how I should interpret that?! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself.)

  10. S. Etole says:

    great thought and photo …

  11. Annette Q says:

    What a great way of shifting your mindset! I don’t think signs like that have come my way in a long while. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough? Such a lovely post Rachel, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ELK says:

    thank you for the encouragement . a really creative photo!

    i looked to the trees this weekend

  13. Lisa says:

    Go trust is right–The stop sign reflection is very poetic.

  14. Hello from Iowa! Love your city…the twin cities are so much fun to visit! The other day I found a piece of paper with “Open It” written on it. Wow…just what I needed!

  15. Ann Martin says:

    Oh this is just perfect as a metaphor of life itself, and I love the way your carefree lettering compliments the stunning photo.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog – am happy to have visited yours and will be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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