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By Rachel Awes on October 2, 2015

this lovely artist is tracy young

I just want to sit in quiet (c)12 2013 web

“i just want to sit in quiet”


“in quiet observance”

The basic foundation of my painting style is color and my artistic motivation is constructed from my observations of things that I see occurring in everyday life. What I hear, how I feel or how I experience the world I live in becomes a narrative via color. In particular, it is my observation of people that turns out to be my most gratifying of muses. When I listen to fragments of their conversations or observe their interactions, my mind’s eye envisions these words and exchanges as movements of color which I then recreate by painting a snapshot of this unique moment as I envisioned it, much like snapping a picture. My intent is to communicate my vision to an observer as a storyline of energy, movement and color in anticipation that it will create a connection with the viewer that offers them a glimpse of how I often see the world and thus invoke conversation, thought and greater appreciation for art and artist.

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