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By Rachel Awes on January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, sweet friends!


This lovely artist is Beatriz Magdalena Dipp

Beatriz Magdalena Dipp pajaro negro 2

Beatriz Magdalena Dipp florencia 2

Beatriz Magdalena Dipp florencia 1

Beatriz Magdalena Dipp florencia 6

My name is Beatriz. I live in the mountains of Cordoba, surrounded by mountains and river. Many years ago I began the path to constantly experiment in art. I have training in exploring and studying Art Therapy and Technician in Engraving. I love poetry, being in communion with nature and tierra.

You can find Beatriz in these places! FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST

if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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