Meet Gudrun!

By Rachel Awes on May 15, 2017

Friends! I’m so excited to finally be able to meet Gudrun Sjoden herself! This week!! The brilliant woman behind the making of these amazing artful and green clothes (& gorgeous paintings she creates, inspiring her garments, as you can see in the wallpaper behind her & in the photo below of a dress releasing May 20)! I’ll be flying to NYC & gathering with sister ambassadors, Gudrun friends, and she! And YOU can meet her too! She’ll be in the Soho store, along with nibbles & drinks, located at 50 Greene St from 11am to 2pm on Saturday May 20, 2017! (Many pics to come! Sooo thrilled!)

“much gets set in motion when i really hear myself. including an evolution of my closet. or maybe it’s a revolution. an unrest for all that doesn’t fit. for the uncomfortable. for the fashion of someone else. there comes this time when i want my clothes to match me…”  all i did was listen

With all my love xox

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