monday manuscript baking

By Rachel Awes on September 27, 2010

(please peek at 9-20-10 post for back-story).
so, dear blog friends, don’t we hold so much in our purses?!

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  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    I just transfered from the summer purse to the winter purse and did the purge…feels good to bring it into the light and lighten things up too !
    I hop eyou have a light and bright week, Beautiful Rachel !

  2. ELK says:

    big smile here . i travel light !!

  3. Yael says:

    Hm, yes sometimes the baggage gets too heavy, the purse is filled with so much stuff over the years and never emptied, and there is always the wish and the urge to travel lighter in life, and to put out stuff in the open, in the light, to see it more clearly, to make it seen. But often we do not dare! We are procrastinating… Out of fear? Out of convenience? Laziness?
    You gave us a lot to think about Rachel!

  4. How brave of you to let it out.

  5. S. Etole says:

    mine needs cleaning on a regular basis …

  6. Julia says:

    I’m thinking of ditching the purse all together…light & lightness just sounds so good.

    Rachel–you are both of these things for me; light & lightness. So glad to be here with you, dear one.

  7. nacherluver says:

    This is so cute and great at the same time. I get it. I totally get it!

  8. Lisa says:

    This is right on, as all your listening feedback is…My (literal) purse is really compact, and over a decade OLD–I don’t like carrying a purse. Thinking about this differently, with your art, I see my figurative purse needs a good cleaning. And, ironically, I have been searching for a new purse–one that is larger (even though I don’t like carrying a purse!) I’ve been looking on etsy using key words like: “tree”, “peace sign” and “love”…A purse can say so much about us, I guess.

    And, by the way, if you didn’t see my etsy feedback–I love the cards! My daughter suggested I keep one of each print, and give the others away ; )

  9. leonie.wise says:

    beautiful! a perfect clearing out.

  10. Well, bottoms up, friend:)
    Here’s hoping I find a color
    I forgot about
    …some lipstick that slipped
    down and got wedged in between
    the lining like a surprise tucked
    away for a rainy day.
    And maybe a milk dud or two,
    still clean-ish.
    The rest I’ll toss and trust
    that new beginnings will be
    altogether lovelier.
    I love the forward motion you
    encourage in me.
    Loving you as well,

  11. chrissy says:

    oh yes…
    this fits me to a T.
    tumbling out.
    outdated coupons
    old fruit snacks
    mashed chocolate kisses
    a torn receipt from costco
    used tissues
    4 pennies, 1 nickel and 2 dimes
    a metalic blue hotwheels car
    11 lip glosses…all in the same shade
    3 pens with dried up ink
    a wallet with lots of coins and very little bills.
    i am going to tumble all these out on your green couch that i still love and have you put them all in order for me…as you are the master deer at doing that most friendly of loving chore for me.
    i love that you are spilling your purse out to all of us each monday.

  12. very wise words. our purses hold so much of our lives, our personalities…

  13. Megan Coyle says:

    We sure do hold a lot in our purses. It’s always nice to stop and take a look at our inventory every once in a while 🙂

  14. This is perfection.
    And I adore Chrissy’s virtual purse dump! 🙂

  15. kendalee says:

    I have one the size of a small suitcase – and it weighs half a ton – something like Mary Poppins would carry. Good to clear it out every now and again. It’s also very liberating sometimes to just leave it behind and take only what I can carry in my pocket…

    p.s. what a fabulous project Rachel, your manuscript!

  16. It’s You!!! I’ve seen your artwork hanging in a friend’s home for years.. And what a surprise to make the connection! Thank you for sharing the love on my blog via brave girl. xox – Kim

  17. gypsysticks says:

    another lovely, gentle reminder to look on the inside to become better on the outside…
    you are a treasure. thank you

  18. Diane says:

    Yes, I get it too–it’s good to clean out that “purse” once in a while 🙂

  19. wanda miller says:

    oh so perfectly done, with such love, oh wise one…as for purses, it amazing what fits in my teen tiny one ;). xo

  20. Dee says:

    With age and a disability I have down sized my purse and often just carry a change purse in my pocket. Even the small purse and my pockets need to be emptied out weekly. We humans can sure collect stuff, and most of it stuff we will never use or even need. Kind of like our hearts. I like the way you use your art and writing in sweet and simple ways to remind us of things we need to do.

  21. Suz says:

    I like that a lot, Rachel. I also have a disability and can’t carry much…and I tend to be a bit ADD and disorganized. Purse therapy is a good thing!

    Your work is sooo charming!

    Suz from St. Paul

  22. Love the illustration and I’m cracking up at Chrissy’s comment. Love to you Rachel!


  23. SheilaC says:

    My purse has gotten smaller as I get older, but somehow I think I am still carrying around the same amount of “baggage” 🙂

    Loving this journey of yours!


  24. wanda miller says:

    oh you little jelly bean you, you make me laugh, or smile or light up my world every time ya’ leave me a comment! i love that we can be in sync (baby, baby musical note)across the miles!!! i’ll be checkin’ in. xo

  25. Oh yes, and I’ve gone from a big purse to a tiny purse to a big purse….seems it’s cyclical…as is life, true?

  26. Lori says:

    Oh too true. I loved Chrissy’s virtual purse dumping too:)

  27. Carissa says:

    yes! yes we do! i’ve got a lot of crumbs in mine, in the little dark corners! always pen + paper to document those snatches of thought, my phone/camera/internet/music machine, my sketchbook, 2 other 1/2 filled journals, wallet, smooshed peanut m+m’s, a LOVE note, magazines or books, and _______ . . . I really need a bigger purse. I’d squish you in if I could!!! <3 <3 <3 Carissa

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