By Rachel Awes on March 26, 2012

i made this one two times. my favorite is the orange, but the pink helped me to get there + i thank her. etsy added w/love xox http://rachelawes.etsy.com/

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  1. Diane says:

    Now how fun is this?!!

  2. Yael says:

    Ahhhhhh so we both started the week with tulips! I added the red ones!
    piluttulippiluttulip – I real tounge breaker! πŸ™‚ Hugs to you green one! πŸ™‚

  3. Isabel says:

    OH I Love the pink one too!!:O) Such yummy colors and love the quote.

  4. christy says:

    love both of your flying girls!
    remind me of my flying girls (did they perhaps inspire a bit too?)
    …mine, by the way, made their own tulip stamps this week and made spring art cards to send through the mail….i loooooove spring!!!

  5. Eden says:

    I love both of your tulip/pilot girls!! Love too that they showed team work πŸ˜€

  6. Wheeeeee! And the tulip heads are perfect for catching magic dust along the flight path. Nuf is fun backwards, as in ‘can’t get nuf of your love.’

    Come fly with me!

  7. Trish says:

    How sweet..I love tulips.x

  8. hahaha…wheeeeeeeeeee:):):)
    I’ll pluck a purple
    and soar alongside your orange
    and we’ll swoop and dip and dive
    and ramble on slow and sweet
    and gather all the goodness
    of flight
    for soaking and sharing
    and then soar even higher:)

  9. Dee says:

    Talent spelled backwards is….Rachel Awes….to me any ways. πŸ™‚

  10. Ben Awes says:

    simply gorgeous! just like you!
    (i am drawn to the orange pilut)

  11. Tammie Lee says:

    quite cute
    i love the way you think
    and create ~

  12. Relyn says:

    Oh, Rachel!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn’t already fallen in love with you and your work – I would today. You feel like a bestie – someone who knows me and loves me. Isn’t that blogging world of ours so great?

  13. Lisa says:

    I love them both. I love the commitment of the orange as the rider becomes the flower. How did you squeeze even more beauty out of a tulip I ask?

  14. oh flying tulips. i love your world.

  15. SOOOOO much fun! And I couldn’t agree more with Dee’s comment.

  16. Jenny Blair says:

    genius encapsulated in flowery love.
    You are the loveliest :)x

  17. Piarom says:

    your art is soooo gorgeous β™₯β™₯β™₯ now I know what to do with my tulip bouquet πŸ˜‰

  18. Connie says:

    Hi Rachel, I took a little walk through your space and all I can say is that your blog is a breath of fresh air. Your devoted follower, Connie πŸ™‚
    Come visit ~ my welcome mat is always out.

  19. Hi Rachel, yes, I love this one, she is such a fitting celebration of spring, my favorite season, I just want to drink it all in! Your work inspires me so much!! xo

  20. Your whimsical thinking!!! I love it and I thank your little pink pilut too for inspiring another beauty. Love tulips and the happiness they bring!

    Keep flying Rachel..I can feel the happy wind coming from it!!
    β™₯Lee Ann

  21. Beautiful!! Lovely blog ~ I’m now following! So nice to “meet” you!
    Anne β™₯β™₯

  22. Lori says:

    Ah!!! So great! I love the orange one too. She really looks like she is flying- she’s all down low and cruising. How do you think of these things? You are so amazing. Love.

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