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About your pajamas

What are your favorite pajamas ever? This could be from any age.

Are/were they plain or patterned? Flannel? Raggedy? Soft? Buttons? Polka dots, stripes, with Bugs Bunny, white, silky, cotton?

Consider your emotional state as you put them on. Any smells or sounds you recall nearby? What's near?

As you wear them, can you sense the softness of your heart? That place deep inside where dreams are about to unfold for the night? This place where all the precious stories of the world have first been inspired by, like Winnie the Pooh?

Might you place your hand over your dear heart and belly, this same place of pajama ponderings and delicious dreaming, and consider loving this heart of you, and sending in warm streams of affection and compassion for all you have been through and all that you are?

My heart and pajamas are soooo with you. XOX! Rachel


Rachel Awes

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