she leaned in close

By Rachel Awes on February 18, 2010

& this will be a wrap on the theme of love for our february loooove month! i’ll be switching posting gears in just a few days. i’m sure love will be referenced again, as it’s everywhere when i lean my ear into our beautiful world. where do you hear it? please share! xo

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  1. Kolleen says:

    in my littleEST one’s laughter.
    in my second littlest one’s voice.
    in my son’s affectionate “i love you mom.”
    in my oldest daughter’s singing around the house.
    in my hubby’s voice.

    xxooxxoo it’s all around us…we just need to listen and pay attention.


  2. ~Valentina~ says:

    Love is everywhere! I can hear, feel and read it every day…
    in my husband “baby, I’m home” in the afternoon, in the silent of my studio, in the sweet comments I get in my blog…

  3. Faiza says:

    to me this speaks of self love. something i know i have always had but haven’t listened to quite closely enough…

  4. leonie.wise says:

    in the hearts of my friends


  5. Manon Doyle says:

    You’re so right Rachel. I LOVE love! It creeps into everything I do…lol!
    LOVED your post!!

  6. ELK says:

    oh goodness…the tilt of the head the bush in the center..i really enjoy your art!!

    wanted to let you know I linked your home post here

  7. rachel awes says:

    *kolleen* what a pile of love under your roof!! 🙂

    *valentina* yes, everywhere! & it sure comes through your heart art!!

    *faiza* so easy to find love for you!

    *leonie.wise* right back at you!! 🙂

    *manon* i am so happy to connect with loving love! lol back!

    *elk* hello from my home to yours!! love it! a loving head tilt your way.

  8. Sharon says:

    thank you for stopping by the e14studio blog and posting a comment. I love what you have going on here. very inspiring.

  9. Love is in color! Thank you for your inspiration once again!

  10. rachel awes says:

    *sharon* thank you for visiting & words of kindnessing!!

    *lindy* a wonderful way to describe love! & i thought of you last night, as a friend of mine was wearing light blue against red!!

  11. S. Etole says:

    really … really like this …

  12. the wanderer says:

    such a beautiful LOve-bush. i want to sleep under it and dream real-life into my dream/dream into my real life

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