she wanted all things colorful

By Rachel Awes on October 25, 2009

i was on the phone with my mother. she was telling me about classes she was thinking of taking. she said she noticed one about water and said she would never take that one.. she said she wanted all things colorful. ya see, beauty just comes plunking out of people’s mouths.

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  1. tuniemb says:

    And you’re a visual artist, too! I’m going to love this, I just know it, Rachel. Will put a link on my blog to yours. Congrats on getting up and running! Tunie

  2. Ashley Inzer says:

    Love this! I agree…i want all things colorful too. I am so excited about your new blog!

  3. Liv Lane says:

    Wheeeeeee! Welcome to the blogosphere – it’s a wild ride and I think you’ll love every twist and turn. Adding you to my “blogroll” now. Can’t wait to see all the wisdom and whimsy you share here, Rachel.
    Love, Liv

  4. I love that she wanted all things colorful. Me too, I love color!

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