soft balls of forgiveness

By Rachel Awes on February 3, 2010

i was interviewed saturday on the get real radio station 107.1 & listened to it later with my mom, who had missed it. i heard myself say “um” maybe a hundred times! oi! well…bless my 11 year old son who later told me that “um” is just thinking & there’s nothing wrong with it. i’m working on taking that in.

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  1. Oh yes, I like that idea of an um being a pause for thought, a spot of thinking with sound attached. I umm and ahh my way through the day at times too… interviews and the like especially so.

  2. hatjunkie says:

    I just love it when my son is kind to me. I find it hard to listen to myself. My voice always seems higher.

  3. sending a soft gentle hug.

  4. MonsterPie says:

    I listened last Saturday, and all I remember is goodness.

  5. Kolleen says:

    your 11 year old is so right!! what a tender heart he has!!!

    happy happy wednesday! i love your blog by the way!


  6. Faiza says:

    i prefer when people ummmmm in conversations with me rather than barrell their way through. i feel a lot of respect in the time they are taking to respond and contribute.

    your art today is beautiful.

  7. chrissy says:

    from the mouths of babes.
    i LOVE the simple wisdom of children don’t you?
    “just thinking”
    how wonderful!
    how can i listen to your interview?
    i am certain i would LOVE it.
    you are such a sweet person.
    i think i need to create a few soft balls of my own.
    thanks for the gentle reminder.

  8. uch, how much do I love your son! what a gem. Yes, those ums are just you thinking, even meditating…uuuuummmmmmm. cleansing breath. 😉

  9. Liv Lane says:

    Just think how close um is to om! You were fabulous!

  10. aimee says:

    i just adore the figures that emerge from your intertwined shapes – they look like they are in a constant, fluid motion. congrats on the radio interview!

  11. rachel awes says:

    dear, dear women!…i find here so many soft balls to add to my own simmering soup…thank you so much!…reframing um to om, a soft gentle hug, affirmation of my son’s kindness, ..& really truly ALL your words are a valentine. as for the request about how to listen to this radio interview, i’m about 35ish minutes into an hour long podcast, which can be found at & then go to the podcast list on the right side, then click hour 1 of the jan 23rd show. i believe that will lead you to the land of um/om!!
    best brightest flowers to you all with love!

  12. wow, gotta love your son—that’s great!

  13. I do it too. Um, I did a talk to an Art Guild and I practiced before hand and noticed I kept saying um, like a lot!

    I love the positive take on it your son gave…so wise the young ones.

  14. Kelly Berkey says:

    That is just darling! I did my first vlog and freaked when I heard how many times I said “um”, then did my second one and replaced the “um” with “anyhow”! How annoying is THAT? You just have to go with it!
    I found you through my lovely friend Chrissy.
    visit if you get the chance, I’m having a little giveaway!

  15. Lorraine says:

    love all your drawings and positive thoughts very colourful and thanks for visiting my blog

  16. Can your son come to my classes? 🙂 Great words of wisdom.

  17. Briana says:

    beautiful art and story. i look forward to listening to your interview!
    smiles to you,

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