The Great Feast: This double ring is now available!

By Rachel Awes on November 29, 2019

After much time and grateful inspiration, my husband/architect Ben Awes and I have collaborated to create and now offer this fine silver double statement ring titled “The Great Feast!”

The ring celebrates the bounty and richness of life. All creation encircling the great feast.

Illustrating the loaves and fishes, the sun, stars and moon, the whale, woman, lion, elephant, dove, man, wolf, boy, deer, butterfly, giraffe, tortoise, bear, girl, and rabbit, were such a DELIGHT! Imagine wearing this to some event, namely the event of your precious life! Perhaps imagine the look on a loved ones face as you gift The Great Feast! This double ring is available at my online shop: Http:// If there is any time sensitivity for gifting, please consider ordering soon, as each order is custom and it will take time for us to put the loving care into each one for you! If you have any questions, please contact me at *Happy Thanksgiving weekend friends! With profound loving thanks for each of you!

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