welcome home

By Rachel Awes on April 29, 2013

this is a whole story
with hebrew letters
on the bottom
of love.
it seems to be a story
i am telling
but really
it is one i am hearing +
 wrote down
out the land
of mystery.

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  1. Wow! A giant story and world! Love this

  2. Yael says:

    אהבה בחזרה אליך רחל

  3. such a beautiful, tender story
    …my heart jumps a little
    in a healing dance,
    all those healing leaves
    and those open arms welcome
    and home so tender with yes.
    i love what you’re inviting in.
    love and love and more love
    to you, beautiful woman,

  4. aimee says:

    ahavah!!!!! xo

  5. wanda miller says:

    i wish i could write some SPECIAL hebrew letters to you! in english..just PURE LOVE! XO

  6. So beautiful! And celebratory! And love love love love love!!!!! I love seeing your stories. xoxo

  7. Shalom! How wonderful. I love the flow of this piece. It’s beautiful, but not as beautiful as the soul created it. Ha-shem bless you always with creativity! Hugs Me.

  8. Donna B says:

    Very, very pretty!

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