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By Rachel Awes on March 3, 2014

i tend to share a stream of some of what i’m up to in the land of facebook + thought i’d bring some over here too, all with great love!

tiny beautiful things 1610000_10203334661234025_53411184_n

reading + loving this

stephanie huhmann sharp 1798457_10203350792797304_1376786271_n

wearing + loving this new find from stephanie huhmann sharp at https://www.facebook.com/blissfulheartstudio

orange cake 1743705_10203317071754299_320727640_n

making the house smell divine with this orange cake

love yourself 1660592_10203308187932209_329514779_n

continuing to match my heart with my clothes

+ watching our sons with amazement…(here’s a peek at our son, abe, in his hip hop class): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekQYEpGgK6A&feature=c4-overview&list=UU22Y1_kruAAmt9pyLU67Qtw 

+ i’ve been letting go of pants that don’t fit me anymore + eating milk duds

+ speaking of letting go, soon i’ll also be letting go of the comment section of this blog, thanks to the inspiration of this post: http://blog.livlane.com/2014/01/turning-off-my-blog-comments/ feel free, always, to communicate with me through rachelawes@gmail.com or through facebook …i always love hearing from you!

how about you? stay tuned for a lovely “listening to you” post coming friday + then NEWS about my upcoming book next monday!!!


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