By Rachel Awes on January 12, 2015

i was invited to speak last week at a local YMCA, inspired by my book “diving in”, about what happens when we listen deeply to our lives. …+ what happens is we discover how beautiful we are. on this day at the Y, we explored how the water + our swims tell us so.

ymca jan. 2015 dress

ymca jan. 2015 close up group

this was a DEAR group. so many interesting conversations. one of the men told me i looked like nancy drew when i first walked in. most of them swim + related closely to experiences in the water + how it speaks deeply into our lives. one woman asked me if i ever swim naked! she said it has been one of the most powerful experiences of her life + she continues to dream of it.

it’s a powerful thing to enter into a conversation of our beauty. our beauty arrives in all shapes + sizes + seeks us out to the end of time + beyond. breathless, we are. with much love, xox, rachel

(diving in books found here + please email me if you are interested in me speaking at a venue here rachelawes@gmail.com)

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