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The Relationship Book is a 240-page illustrated gift and self-help book, soulfully exploring the many relationships in your life for leveled-up intimacy, a deeper sense of belonging, and awakened confidence.



“Rachel’s book is a giant love generator whirling through your heart and awakening your fresh vision. Steep, bask in, and savor these profound pages of art and words; be uplifted by the shapes and sounds which will arise mightily to inspire your very own life.”


artist, author, and inspirationalist at

listen to rachel read pages from The Relationship Book

‘Through and Through’ - Page 128
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‘Highly Sensitive’ - Page 143
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‘My Shining Stars’ - Page 168
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The Great Green Okayness: A Field guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence

The Great Green Okayness is a 160-page field guide to discovering the beautiful wildlife within, infused with a dollap of nourishing honey and delectable color. Wise author and artist Rachel Awes, a psychologist of twenty years, created these works of the magnificent human heart from her reflections following client sessions. Each passage and corresponding artwork speak to the soul like a potent, powerful reduction of boiled-down truth and goodness that every one of us needs daily, a homecoming gift to our humanity. Open to any page and find the passage that you need now. From the African plain to the great cosmos, Awes takes her readers on a journey to discover the beauty around, within, and always.

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great green okayness! rachelawes
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The Great Green Okayness: A Field guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence


"This is a book to be sipped and savored.
With an economy of words Rachel cuts straight to the deep--to the reassurances and revelations that release inner pressure valves, giving you room to breathe,
to smile, to let yourself gloriously be."

Jen Lee

Filmmaker and co-author of The 10 Letters Project.

listen to rachel read pages from The Great Green Okayness

‘Your Worth is Unlimited’- page 13
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‘Be Uncommon’- page 45
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‘Lean in to Who You Are Becoming’- page 68
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rachel awes we accomplish great things t

all i did was listen

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all i did was listen is a 232-page, full-color, illustrated gift-book, filled with inspiring quotes from Rachel’s psychotherapy clients, that strung together, tell a story about how healing can happen for all of us. Rachel accompanies each quote with a colorful illustration + written reflection. The book closes with a few pages of questions that can be used for personal inspiration/reflection +/or group study/book club.


"Rachel's words and art are an uncommon elixir that travels straight to the heart by way of the soul. Her book is simply a spiritual must. I've dreamed about its pages and know you will too. Profound, transformational, and elegant."


artist, best selling author of 17 books, inspirationalist

listen to rachel read pages from all i did was listen

‘Messiness Inside’ -page 18
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‘Something Like This’ -page 50
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‘Choosing Clothing’ -page 110
00:00 / 01:19
‘Be Myself’ -page 202
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diving in

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diving in is a 96 page, full color, visual + poetic invitation, using water as metaphor, to dive into the one life that is so beautifully yours.

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"If you ever dreamed of a special message in a bottle washing up just for you, then here it is. Rachel Awes speaks into your heart and soul through the vulnerability of her own. Come alive is the invitation from diving in. Loveliness shows up when you do. Come drink up, as I did, and see the beauty of your life reflected back to you in the breath-taking water of these pages. Pure refreshment and magic and love."


artist, best selling author of 17 books, inspirationalist

listen to rachel read pages from diving in

‘Introduction’- page 9
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Available wholesale through Ingram or directly through Rachel,

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The Relationship Book

ISBN # 978 1 6348 9021 2


The Great Green Okayness

ISBN # 978 1 63489 021 2


all i did was listen

ISBN # 978 1 4675 4772 7


diving in

ISBN # 978 1 4675 9830 9


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