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  Your heart

      is a treasure chest.

 Your worth

   is bright and   boundless.

You belong

          just as you are.

Psychologist, Author, and Art Playgroundist


“Our world needs the present and authentic you. Maybe that is the real substance of fancy. The true dazzle. The place where light breaks free.”

- Rachel Awes



"The Relationship Book" by Rachel Awes

“The Relationship Book: A Soulful, Transformational, and Artistic Inventory of Your Connective Life” is a 240-page illustrated gift and self-help book, soulfully exploring the many relationships in your life for leveled-up intimacy, a deeper sense of belonging, and awakened confidence.


‘Through and Through’ - Page 128Rachel Awes
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‘Your Worth is Unlimited’ (page 13)_Rachel Awes
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‘Choosing Clothing’ - Page 110 - Rachel AwesRachel Awes
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‘Introduction’ (page 9)_Rachel Awes
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Rachel Awes Rathkopf photography credit.

Photo Credit: Rathkopf Photography

Welcome to the playground of ~ a place where you are invited to be yourself. Where you are accepted + treasured for the rise + fall of your chest, the dreams in your heart + the distinct you who you miraculously offer the world every gloriously messy day.

Some of the ways I get to meet the amazement of you are through my work as a…

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St. Paul, MN. United States


Artist, best-selling author of
17 books, inspirationalist.

Rachel’s words and art are an uncommon elixir that travels straight to the heart by way of the soul.

Elizabeth Ries.jpg

Elizabeth Ries

Twin Cities Television
and radio personality.

We are constantly bombarded with messages, both good and bad, about who we are and our place in the world. Rachel Awes teaches us how to take control of those messages by being kind to ourselves.

Dr Henry Emmons.jpg

Henry Emmons, MD

Author of The Chemistry of Joy, The Chemistry of Calm, and Staying Sharp

Rachel Awes sees our innocence, believes in our innate goodness, and guides readers, like a master poet, to embrace life’s great work: the embodiment of love.

“I am learning from the wild kingdom. From the starfish in the depths to the mountain goat in the heights and all life in between. Who abide in their strength. Who breathe into all they are and who are art on earth. Maybe our only business is to be beautiful.”


-Rachel Awes

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Rachel Awes

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