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We can all get caught in the trappings of feeling that we aren’t enough. Not pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough, successful enough.

This can become a never-ending dizzy circle. The word “enough” implies there is some place of arrival, perfection, completion.

Being who we are, on the other hand, can usher in light, hope, steadiness and relief. Wear the colors and patterns that bring you joy, that maybe you knew to select as a child. Sing the songs out loud that make your heart hum. Spend time with people who treat you well. Take walks in places that feel good to you. Pay attention to food that tastes good and feels good in your body. Read a book that interests you. Let your love be known. Let your heart speak. Expect none of this will be perfect. Expect that being yourself is the perfect way to proceed.

One day you were dreamed up and I am dearly grateful.

With love to all you are from all of me xox Rachel

xox, Rachel

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Rachel Awes

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