Rachel Awes: Psychologist, author, and art playgroundist

Rock painting joy!

By Rachel Awes on January 13, 2020

It has been such a joy to be painting these rocks with tomtes & snowmen & winter’s pleasures! Shared with love xox

All you need is near

By Rachel Awes on January 6, 2020

With love xox, Rachel

3 days of new art: The Year Stretches Out Ahead Of You

By Rachel Awes on January 1, 2020

Happy New Year friends! “The Year Stretches Out Ahead Of You” is available in my lil’ shop with LOVE at http://rachelawes.etsy.com

3 days of new art: It’s Your Time.

By Rachel Awes on December 31, 2019

“It’s Your Time” is available in my lil’ shop at http://rachelawes.etsy.com with LOVE!

A face appeared! 3 days of new art: Begin

By Rachel Awes on December 30, 2019

New art available in 2 possible formats over at my lil’ shop here with love: http://rachelawes.etsy.com

Hope is given PLUS weekend sale!

By Rachel Awes on December 14, 2019

HOPE IS GIVEN. A page from my book The Great Green Okayness: A Field Guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence (25% off for just 2 days! See shop link at end of paragraph) “It can feel maddening to see a place you want to get to yet be stuck in the land of somewhere else. Hope can appear out of reach. While such hardship is true, so is the possibility that you just might be living inside an egg of purpose. This is the place where you are a tortoise, a frog, or a bird. It is your nature to walk, leap, and fly. Your movement is mandatory. You fight to be born. You persist to break free. You cry to the shell ‘let me out’ and are met with firm silence. There will be no liberation until you are strong enough to break through. Not even a crack until you are really ready. Hope is serious, freedom fighter. The egg wants to give it to you and thus won’t let you go until you can survive and soar on the other side.” http://rachelawes.etsy.com


By Rachel Awes on December 1, 2019

Dear friends, I am truly excited to share this creative magic with you! Might you consider kicking off your December with joining me + 10 other incredible teachers (SARK, Andrea Scher, Kelly Rae Roberts, Liv Lane, Andrea Schroeder, Melanie Dewberry, Flora Bowley, Susannah Conway, Leonie Dawson, and Lacy Young ) for a 72 hour bundle sale as a gift to yourself?! Receive all 11 e-courses for just $99 and say yes to your creative heart! Things like painting sessions and succulent wild love and anxiety balm! You can read more about it at this link!: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1618754&cl=74538&c=ib&aff=191333

With all my love! Rachel

The Great Feast: This double ring is now available!

By Rachel Awes on November 29, 2019

After much time and grateful inspiration, my husband/architect Ben Awes and I have collaborated to create and now offer this fine silver double statement ring titled “The Great Feast!”

The ring celebrates the bounty and richness of life. All creation encircling the great feast.

Illustrating the loaves and fishes, the sun, stars and moon, the whale, woman, lion, elephant, dove, man, wolf, boy, deer, butterfly, giraffe, tortoise, bear, girl, and rabbit, were such a DELIGHT! Imagine wearing this to some event, namely the event of your precious life! Perhaps imagine the look on a loved ones face as you gift The Great Feast! This double ring is available at my online shop: Http://rachelawes.etsy.com If there is any time sensitivity for gifting, please consider ordering soon, as each order is custom and it will take time for us to put the loving care into each one for you! If you have any questions, please contact me at rachelawes@gmail.com *Happy Thanksgiving weekend friends! With profound loving thanks for each of you!

Book signing at Seasons on St. Croix Gallery

By Rachel Awes on November 27, 2019

We just got 8 inches of snow overnight and it’s still snowing in Minnesota! I will hope to be at Seasons on St. Croix gallery in Hudson, Wisconsin for a book signing this Saturday, November 30 from 1:00 to 4:00, and the question is, which outfit will I be wearing? Gudrun Sjoden’s Holiday Lotus Dress to the gallery or her Holiday robe, snowed in at home?! Hope to see you there!

Clinical hypnosis

By Rachel Awes on October 22, 2019

Clinical hypnosis had me at hello.

I have attended all kinds of ongoing education conferences over the years as a psychologist and over the past year, I have devoted my ongoing education to the field of hypnosis.

Here’s what it’s not. It won’t make you cluck like a chicken. That’s stage or entertainment hypnosis. You won’t lose control or have amnesia.

Here’s what it is. Clinical hypnosis helps you to focus on your goals: feel calmer, sleep better, etc. Did you know only 10 percent of your thinking is conscious? Hypnosis includes involving your unconscious, so more of you can go to work. We see our unconscious/fuller processing operate in our dreams, imagination and creative processes. It’s a powerful thing to engage with our fuller selves.

Clinical hypnosis invites a more absorbed state, much like it feels when you get absorbed in a good book. This time, the good book is your precious life, deserving all of your kind attention. And I cherish joining you in paying attention. Along with my words, I watch you closely. I follow my words with your breath. I watch your subtle body movements and follow them with affirming words like “that’s right” and “yes.” We all crave such a “yes set” from one another. And research is showing glowing results when therapy weaves in hypnosis. I found this all compelling. I’m looking forward to my next read waiting for me on my desk “Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control.”

I am in awe of what my clients are sharing with me following Clinical hypnosis. There are inspiring whole worlds they see.

Here’s the thing. We are each plump full of inner knowing, wisdom, resource, and beauty. Sometimes we just need a little prompting to learn how to listen.

Gratefully yours with love, Rachel