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BOOST weekend, online, with SARK & I for FREE!

By Rachel Awes on October 23, 2017

a reTREAT BOOST invitation, for FREE!

reTREAT BOOST invitation, for FREE, weekend of 11-11!!
Are you wishing to carve out time for a creative project (loosely-defined & inspiration-designed: whether writing, painting, sculpting, mandala-making, listening, closet-organizing, Facebook-commenting, a first stepping..?)

I will be working on my book (writing/illustrating) that weekend & occasionally checking in on Facebook (Click here: Facebook page), with supportive hellos from Minnesota, alongside the colorful soul of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy doing the same, from California 

This is called a BOOST to recognize a reshuffling of agendas & time: I was in San Francisco with SARK, the last week of September–we had designed both fun friendship time, & writing retreat time to share with YOU, which we did in part! Midway through, our agendas changed–fevers rose up in us both! (This zebra dress was a find that sent me to freaky-out bliss, in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Fran, during the window of wellness  )

Who is in?! I hope to hear from you on Facebook or here, sharing photos, comments, greetings, the weekend of 11-11! Sending you LOVE & ENCOURAGEMENT, as you honor & play with the language of your muse! XOX

Our precious days

By Rachel Awes on October 16, 2017

My mom, who turned 87 this weekend, said my gift of a Gudrun Sjoden puzzle cardigan, is her favorite cardigan of her LIFE‼️ It was delightful to doll her up and I just had to share with you! We had FUN with twinsies photos & I’m thrilled to now have this collection for always.

Our precious days pass by so quickly! How am I already 51? My children, turning 19 next week, and 21? I had this want (for months!) to share twin cardigans with my mom & capture us in photos & I’m so glad I honored my heart’s call. Hugging my loved ones tight, in all their (& my own) messy gloriousness, and overflowing this love & honor for YOU too XOXO

A week in San Francisco with SARK

By Rachel Awes on October 9, 2017

The last week of September, brought me out to San Francisco, to stay in my dear friend Susan’s (SARK’s) magic cottage, where she used to live for 4-5 years and wrote her first few books, and has since moved wonderfully upstairs. We were coming together to spend the first part of our days as a writing retreat, followed by joyful friendship adventures:

(She wrote “LOVE” on the wall above my bed to welcome me. Let’s all do this for each other!)

I wrote a her-story about how our friendship was born at this link, if you would like to read more: CLICK HERE ♥

We did get some writing accomplished, and I treasured writing more of my story within the same walls she began writing hers. And we did have some beautiful adventures–saying hello to the ocean, going to a meditative “sound bath” at Grace Cathedral (along with her dear friend Val, who I also LOVE! along with 1,400 other people!), eating amazing tacos, and having soulful conversations. I also had a solo super-freak-out groovy fun field trip to the district of “Haight”, known for rainbows and the birth of hippy culture!

 Midway into the trip, we both came down with fevers, which endured for the remainder of our days together. This meant, no more outings and no more writing! Our encounters abruptly shifted to modern day walkie-talkies (texting) and slumbering and lumbering about. As difficult as this was, our hearts & souls remained open to how we could be further transformed by this unexpected “visitor.” We also decided to plan a shared “BOOST” writing/creative weekend, date to still be announced–where we would reconvene from afar, and invite YOU and anyone who would like, to create along with us on that same weekend, and share your makings on our Facebook BOOST threads.

Shortly before leaving, I received these inspiring pages, one of her many magical books, and was kept the best of company of the airplane, and it (& she) has inspired me to think about ways to nurture my friendships more wildly & fully!

“Our friends can SWOOP IN and attach wings to us, or sit quietly nearby as we pack our bags. Our friends LIFT us up and we can do the same for them.” SARK from the “Fabulous Friendship Festival”

This whole trip, including the sickness, has left me MORE in love with my friends, including the characters I’m writing about, including YOU.

With all my heart and love and soul, always XOXO

Listening To You

By Rachel Awes on October 6, 2017

This dazzling artist is Sue Harding:

Love Is The Great Adventure

The Sale

Colour Walk

More Colour

kolour kar

Sue Harding Lives in central London, near Waterloo station. She sees herself mainly as a sketcher and also uses her own photos for drawing too. She belongs to a Meetup called “Cafe Sketchers” and they draw in different cafes most Fridays. She also draws at Colour Walks in London and enjoys drawing colourful people. Most of her work is in sketchbooks and isn’t for sale, but is available for viewing pleasure here!:


If you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to rachelawes@gmail.com

i believe in make believe

By Rachel Awes on September 18, 2017

New fall print is now available here, with l♥ve: http://rachelawes.etsy.com

Hi dear ones! I have just hatched a new plan. First, I’ll be taking a brief blog break with some travels ahead, returning early October, then sharing those adventures with you! Second, out of a dedication to writing my newest book, I will be limiting new artwork releases to one per season, as I have in today’s post, for fall. Winter’s will likely be posted sometime on the cusp of Nov/Dec. I will still include blog posts in between, of other adventures, colors, and creations. All with love always! XOX

The Art of Your Boundless Worth (& new art next week!)

By Rachel Awes on September 11, 2017


Lara Cornell and I are gathering to remind you of, and celebrate your MAGNIFICENCE, in this workshop “The Art of Your Boundless Worth!”

I will guide you through readings from my newest book “The Great Green Okayness: A Field Guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence”. You will receive your own copy so you can doodle, write, take notes, or just enjoy. YIPPEE!!!

We will weave in creative activities with Lara to ground the lessons, spark your innate creativity, and give you something you can take home to return to whenever you need them.

We will even have a little baker who will be teaming up with Lara to make rainbow essence and edible flower infused confections for all participants. Dreamy!!!!

We will hold this time for all women who gather with us, in a safe and beautiful space.


When: Saturday October 28 from 9am – 1pm (plenty of coffee and tea for all)

Where: The NEW Anahata Collaborative. 2836 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis (we have a free parking lot! and plenty of street parking. If you bike, you can bike right up to the back door off the Midtown Greenway)

What to bring: Just your glorious self

Cost: $140 per guest. Cost Includes “The Great Green Okayness: A Field Guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence” book, coffee/tea, bakery items by our guest baker, all art supplies needed, and goodie bags for each guest.

I will be available to sign books, and will also have my other two books available to purchase: “All I Did Was Listen” and “Diving In

To sign up or read more, just click on this link: WORKSHOP

To note: This workshop will only run if there is a minimum of 12 guests. Our maximum capacity is 30. If 12 guests are not registered 2 days before the event, we will cancel the event and extend a full refund to those who had registered.

***Next week I’ll be sharing new art here on this blog – see you back soon! Much love!***

August Soup

By Rachel Awes on September 4, 2017

Hello dear souls! August’s end, held travels to Deerwood, MN, to speak to 70 dear women about their magnificence (wearing a Gudrun Sjoden fall green “Belem” dress!), to Brainerd, MN, to visit my home (elementary years) town, to the north shore of Lake Superior for a family vacation, and then moving our capable and precious son, Sam, into his new dorm room at the University of Minnesota (College of Science and Engineering). Here is a little glimpse into the soup of it all!

(had fun with these women, learning to decorate cupcakes!)

(can you see the loon, going through the sun’s reflection in the water?!)

…and then came Brainerd: my home and a historical photo of “Ole’s Starlite Club”, a bar my dad owned that had live bands, an old jukebox, and lots of Kiddie Cocktails!

and onward to the north shore of Lake Superior

eclipsing skies

and taking the time to write along the shore

The Bucket
I had been walking along the lakefront all morning, looking for agates. My back becoming crooked, straining, is that one? Picking up a rock, looking more closely, realizing what I thought was orange, was not. Variations on this same narrative, repeating as the sun rose.

During a later lap, was it the third or the tenth, she walked out to me, holding out a clear plastic bucket filled with agates. Not the tiny shards kind of agates. The whole ones. Big. I didn’t know her. She said she wouldn’t be on this earth much longer and wanted me to have them. She smiled, and just as quickly as she came out, she turned around and went back into her cabin.

My gaze fell into the bucket, to all the swirling color- Maybe she was showing me how to do this. How we can all save the world. Walk out our front doors and give each other our agates, our kindness- generously- leaving one another in awe, and our world, just a little bit brighter.

(Imagined story that felt real as I walked yesterday) (Imaginations are sometimes more real than anything) 

dear time spent with family (abe and sam here, 21 & 18)

& especially grateful to spend special time with this guy, before launching him off to college, which he is deeply and wonderfully ready for!


Hope your, now, liminal space between summer and fall, is full of light and new promise. Next week I’ll return to share more about an October offering in Minnesota, and more to come beyond that of another adventure at September’s end. Between it all, I plan to return to writing my next book!

All with love! ♥


Listening To You

By Rachel Awes on September 1, 2017

This dreamy artist is Andrea Schroeder:

She has this brand new deck of dream cards!

& I’ve enjoyed her art journaling, makings, & wisdom for a long time now! She is bravely transparent and alongside you, in all that she shares.

“I help bright  + soulful creative types make their dreams real with transformative spiritual practices & personal development techniques that feel like magic potions, tea parties and creative playdates.”

She also has a free e-course Dream Lab: Explore the Miracle of Your Dream HERE

AND new cards can be found HERE  

If you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to rachelawes@gmail.com

Speaking/Water/Later August blog break

By Rachel Awes on August 14, 2017

I’ll be headed out to speak (four times!) this week in northern Minnesota:

Then be heading for some rest & writing along the north shore, and next move our youngest into his college dorm! Where does the time go?! I’ll resume blogging September 1 with a “listening to you” post and share photos from August the following week! Happy rest of your summer and much love to you always! ♥

Hit Your High Note & Shine

By Rachel Awes on August 7, 2017

All with love xox