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New art & online shop open just for the week!

By Rachel Awes on May 3, 2020

Affirming words for your clothing and dear life! This new art is available now in my temporarily re-opened online store just for the week at http://rachelawes.etsy.com! All with love, Rachel xox


By Rachel Awes on April 10, 2020

I find myself dearly grateful to be able to still meet with my beloved therapy clients online. I emphasized with one of them today the importance of matching the intensity of our self-care with the intensity of our stress. This pandemic is a time to be bold with finding ways we can connect to loved ones and ways we can tend to our internal lives. Everything is difficult and everything is possible.

Shared with love and thankful for being alongside one another, xox rachel

Colors & Kindness

By Rachel Awes on March 22, 2020

I’m thankful for a heaping spoonful of Gudrun Sjoden’s colorful spring medicine

& thankful for Brene Brown’s kind wisdom! All shared with love for you. xox


By Rachel Awes on March 19, 2020

Spring love to our world XOX

May all be well

By Rachel Awes on March 15, 2020

May all be well, beloveds XOX


By Rachel Awes on February 24, 2020

“No one listens, they tell me, and so I listen…and I tell them what they have just told me, and I sit in silence, listening to them, letting them grieve. ‘Julian, you are wise,’ they say, ‘You have been gifted with understanding.’ All I did was listen. For I believe full surely that God’s spirit is in us all.”
From my book “all i did was listen”‘s initial quote by Julian of Norwich and photo from my therapy room.

All with love xox

Rock painting joy!

By Rachel Awes on January 13, 2020

It has been such a joy to be painting these rocks with tomtes & snowmen & winter’s pleasures! Shared with love xox

All you need is near

By Rachel Awes on January 6, 2020

With love xox, Rachel

3 days of new art: The Year Stretches Out Ahead Of You

By Rachel Awes on January 1, 2020

Happy New Year friends! “The Year Stretches Out Ahead Of You” is available in my lil’ shop with LOVE at http://rachelawes.etsy.com

3 days of new art: It’s Your Time.

By Rachel Awes on December 31, 2019

“It’s Your Time” is available in my lil’ shop at http://rachelawes.etsy.com with LOVE!