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align with your merriment

Align with your merriment, dear ones. Life invites us into the business of merrymaking, no matter who we are and no matter how challenging our circumstances may be. Therefore, go ahead and fill your life with positive people. The kind who are kind. Who encourage you to be your best self. Go ahead and deliberately fill your life with beauty. The brightest of the light. Take walks near the water, meadow, and woods, even if you have to drive there.

Please don’t settle. Say “I don’t need you” to the old, drab walk down the alley and “farewell” to the person who doesn’t celebrate you.

Go so far ahead that you, too, use a statement a client taught me and tell yourself “I am too magnificent for that” when you encounter anything less. Where might you begin? With all my love,

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Rachel Awes

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