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clinical hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis had me at hello.

I have attended all kinds of ongoing education conferences over the years as a psychologist and over the past year, I have devoted my ongoing education to the field of hypnosis.

Here’s what it’s not. It won’t make you cluck like a chicken. That’s stage or entertainment hypnosis. You won’t lose control or have amnesia.

Here’s what it is. Clinical hypnosis helps you to focus on your goals: feel calmer, sleep better, etc. Did you know only 10 percent of your thinking is conscious? Hypnosis includes involving your unconscious, so more of you can go to work. We see our unconscious/fuller processing operate in our dreams, imagination and creative processes. It’s a powerful thing to engage with our fuller selves.

Clinical hypnosis invites a more absorbed state, much like it feels when you get absorbed in a good book. This time, the good book is your precious life, deserving all of your kind attention. And I cherish joining you in paying attention. Along with my words, I watch you closely. I follow my words with your breath. I watch your subtle body movements and follow them with affirming words like “that’s right” and “yes.” We all crave such a “yes set” from one another. And research is showing glowing results when therapy weaves in hypnosis. I found this all compelling. I’m looking forward to my next read waiting for me on my desk “Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control.”

I am in awe of what my clients are sharing with me following Clinical hypnosis. There are inspiring whole worlds they see.

Here’s the thing. We are each plump full of inner knowing, wisdom, resource, and beauty. Sometimes we just need a little prompting to learn how to listen.

Gratefully yours with love,



Rachel Awes

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