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hope is given plus weekend sale!

HOPE IS GIVEN. A page from my book The Great Green Okayness: A Field Guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence (25% off for just 2 days!See shop link at end of paragraph)

“It can feel maddening to see a place you want to get to yet be stuck in the land of somewhere else. Hope can appear out of reach. While such hardship is true, so is the possibility that you just might be living inside an egg of purpose. This is the place where you are a tortoise, a frog, or a bird. It is your nature to walk, leap, and fly. Your movement is mandatory. You fight to be born. You persist to break free. You cry to the shell ‘let me out’ and are met with firm silence. There will be no liberation until you are strong enough to break through. Not even a crack until you are really ready. Hope is serious, freedom fighter. The egg wants to give it to you and thus won’t let you go until you can survive and soar on the other side.” my Etsy shop


Rachel Awes

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