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Introducing Robin Mead!

Dears! I am excited for you to meet this inspiring and delicious artist, Robin Mead! I'll share here a pile of photos that I find irresistibly yummy and dazzling of her marvelous makings, some of her story, and ways you can find her! I hope your "meeting" her is a bright beam of sunshine for your day! All shared with LOVE!

1. Please tell us about you. What are you up to lately?

So right now I am working as a full time artist. Previously I was a clinical social worker in NY while also creating art.. We moved to Georgia in 2013 which is when I became a full time artist. I've always loved to create since early childhood and was taught by my mother who was an artist as well. Right now I create colorful, bold and vibrant art, journals and bowls, as well as fabric lines with Pb textiles and Art for the home with Dianoche Designs.

(And look at her stitched mandalas!! Swoon!)

3. You do so many creative things! A fabric line! Painting! More! Can you tell us about what inspires and drives you?

Many things inspire me such as flowers. the ocean and nature in general, but I'm most inspired by line and color.. inspired and obsessed with it. I love the juxtaposition of bright color with bold black lines.. or a mix of color and black and white. This quote sums it up perfectly..

"I love what I can do with a line on a page....with a scribble, a dot or a doodle...the flow of the ink, the gestural movement, the statement of "here I am". Enter, wild exuberant and joyful color and you have a mix made in heaven. For me both line and color are crucial to capture what I cannot say or express any other way. The control of the line and the chaotic color are the basis of all of my work, and through this I try to achieve a sense of joy that is bold and beautiful and can touch your soul. The bold black lines, squiggles or doodles come from a feeling I have deep within that screams control, perfection and order. The beautiful vibrant colors come from a light heartfelt and spiritual place that whispers wild, crazy and chaotic. The interplay between control and chaos is where the magic happens, and that can only come from within each one of us."

4. What helps you to fill back up? Favorite ways to replenish?

What fills me up is time with my family, meditation , breathing, mindful activities, art store shopping, cleaning my art studio, doodling, browsing pinterest, writing and creating in my journal, time at the beach and in nature and adding crazy color to anything I can get my hands on.

5. Can you share links of how we can find you and ooh and ahh some more?

Thank you for being our guest here today, dear Robin! XOX!


Rachel Awes

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